By definition, a ratchet wrench is an indispensable hand tool, especially for mechanics. Learn more about this wrench through this article.

 ratchet wrench


This wrench is equipped with a metal handle and affixed to a ratcheting device. This device is in turn connected to a socket which fits on a specific type of nut or bolt. By a pushing or pulling motion that go towards one direction, the tool either tightens or loosens the fastener that is screwed to the socket. Once turned in the opposite direction, the ratchet handle will be moved while staying connected to the fastener used. This ratcheting movement enables the bolt or nut to tighten or loosen rapidly in little investments without having to remove the wrench and the socket from the nut or bolt itself.

 open end ratchet wrench

Popular Types

The following are the popular types of ratchet wrench.

  • Open End Ratchet Wrench – Considered as the most popular model being sold nowadays, this handy tool features an open end design with big tooth on one end and small on the other. This structure allows for easy fitting even in the tightest spots, without having to remove the wrench off the fastener. And because it combines the speed of a ratchet with quick access of a wrench, jobs are done faster and a lot easier.
  • Air Ratchet Wrench – This wrench, which can be bought individually or in ratchet wrench set, features a square drive and an air motor that is attached to mechanically turn the socket drive. The motor is equipped with a trigger which, when pulled, activates the device’s motor; and a switch, which changes the socket drive’s turning direction. These wrenches are exclusively made for tasks that require more speed and less torque.

 ratchet wrench set

Uses and Advantages

Basically, the ratchet wrench like Allen wrench set are used mostly on residential workshops and vehicle emergency repair kits. During operation, this hand tool obliges the user to rotate or twist repeatedly to either tighten or loosen a certain type of fastener. Because of this, it has been proven more efficient in tightening nuts and bolts in the most hard-to-reach areas and loosening hardware that are very difficult to remove. In most restricted locations, there is specific hardware that can help these wrenches to fit even on the narrowest places that non-ratcheting wrenches are impossible to reach.

As you can see, having a ratchet wrench around is a must, especially if you are a person who loves fixing things. In case you are unsure on which piece to settle for, don’t hesitate to ask a store representative to help you in choosing. Have this handy tool with you and use it with ease in completing the job.