Have you ever tried using a hand tool to do a certain task and ended up injuring yourself? Or have you ever used a hand tool to fix a problem only you to make it worse? The effective hand tools list is designed to show you the various hand tools that are commonly used either at home or at the workshop, and how to use them effectively. In most cases, accidents arising from the use of hand tools are caused by the failure to use them properly as recommended.

effective hand tools list

Popular And Effective Hand Tools List

Whether you want to start on a project whether at home or at the workshop, here are the tools that you are almost sure to use. And how you can use them safely and effectively to complete your tasks.

  • Measuring Tape

When you need to take exact measurements, the measuring tape is the way to go. So, before you cut that piece of metal or wood, ensure that it is exact to the required measurement.

  • Squares

Squares and levels are used together to strike balance. This balance is crucial in ensuring the stability of your woodwork project. Otherwise, an off balance item collapses with the slightest weight on it. The square also allows you to make perfect Right-angles and 45-degree angles.

  • Screwdrivers

There are two standard versions of the screwdrivers that you ought to have, the flathead and the Phillips style head. The application of screwdrivers is almost universal. You cannot afford to be without this effective hand tool.

  • Hammer

Contrary to what many people believe, hammers are actually among the most versatile hand tools that you can ever have. They are widely used for tasks such as driving in nails, breaking hard materials apart, prying out nails and generally most hammering tasks. However, you are advised to choose your hammer type accordingly.

  • Wrenches

Wrenches are used for fastening and loosening of bolts and nuts of various sizes. The adjustable ones are more versatile than the open-end. However, both are available in various sizes. The Allen wrench set, needless to say, ought not to miss in your hand tool kit.

  • Coping Saw

This is a good example of a cutting tool that’s used to cut wood to precise measurements. Other types of saws that are used for this same purpose include the pull saw, compass saw and the hand saw.

  • Drill and Drill Bits

Drills and drill bits are inseparable hand tools. Together, they are used to drill holes in walls, windows and sometimes even to drive in screws.

allen wrench set

Benefits Of Using Effective Hand Tools

Hand tools are preferred over power tools because of these reasons. They are easily manipulated by the use of hands, offering you great precision. Such hand tools such as chisels must be operated manually.

Also, hand tools give you the chance to use your skills. With power tools, almost anybody can easily operate.


For safe use of hand tools, you have to ensure that you are wearing the right safety equipment. Such equipment includes hand gloves, safety boots and safety goggles. Then, always have a functional first aid kit around your work area always, just in case an accident happens.

Before you store your hand tools in a hand tool kit, ensure they are oiled and dry. Oiling keeps them safe from rust and increases their useful lifespan. Make sure to also have a copy of the effective hand tools listed above to be your guide.