If you have recently become interested in getting stronger and improving your figure, you probably have started researching various muscle building exercises and body building supplements. Before you launch into a training regime and diet plan, it is very important to consider which body building techniques will suit you best and will be most effective in the long run.

Effective Body Building Exercises

The most effective muscle building exercises have been proven to be those that stimulate multiple muscle groups simultaneously; use free weights; and require a great deal of force with a low amount of repetitions.

A commonly used strategy these days is to combine upper body lifts with lower body exercise in the same work out for a more holistic approach that triggers a greater hormone response.

best Muscle building exercises

For example, an effective combination of muscle building exercises that trigger a hormone response would be to begin the workout with deep and heavy squats then follow up with a moderately weighted bench press, curl, and one arm row. This has proven to be extremely effective because it causes the largest muscles in the body, those in the legs, to work hard and thus excrete more growth hormone.

The Best Body Building Supplement

Such exercises can only be brought to their maximum level of effectiveness when combined with a nutrient rich diet and high quality work out supplement.

Dark Matter supplement is a high quality product that greatly increases the protein synthesis process in the body. The patented formula in the Dark Matter’s supplement causes amino acids, glycogen, and insulin in the body to react optimally resulting in a protein synthesis 40 times faster than that of traditional post-workout supplements.

Dark Matter also contains ProSYNTHAGEN. This substance is made of easily digestible amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which quickly work to repair and rebuild muscles. When these are introduced into your system immediately after working out, it infuses your blood stream and muscles with everything they need for fast recovery. In fact, the ProSYNTHAGEN works so quickly that many body builders who use the supplement report that their recovery time is noticeably shorter.

best dark matter supplement

Important Considerations

It should be noted, however, that simply taking a body building supplement will not give you the results you desire. Your muscles need to be worked. That’s why it’s called a workout! In fact, when you work out, your muscles are torn and rebuilt. When they rebuild, they are stronger. Performing the right muscle building exercises in the correct form and configuration is the best way to get real results.

In addition to proper training and a quality supplement, every body builder should have a complete and balanced diet that is rich in protein as well as micro and macro nutrients. Simply put, muscles are made of protein and water. If the body is not provided with an excess of protein to break down and synthesize into muscle mass, proper muscle repair cannot occur. In general, it is best to approach a body building regime in a holistic way by combining muscle building exercises, good diet, and a supplement.