Mountain House foods are an excellent choice to meet your requirements to store survival foods for the contingencies that might come in future that can cause shortage of food.

Natural disasters like flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, tsunami or volcano eruption can cause long hours of power cut off and even such conditions wherein one cannot step out of house. In such situations and many others like war, riots, camping or mountaineering, foods with high shelf life commonly called survival foods rescue human body by providing required energy and nutrients to sustain life.

Survival Mountain House Cans.

Company Background and History

Mountain House foods is a line of freeze dried foods introduced by Oregon Freeze Dry established in 1963. The freeze dried foods variety introduced by Oregon Freeze dry is known for its fresh look, taste and stay. They are light in weight as compared to fresh food as 98% of water is dehydrated from these foods.

Different Products from Mountain House

Mountain House foods are available in different varieties to choose from Mountain House foods wholesale traders. The main products of the company include:

Mountain House Foods for Survival

Pouches: Mountain House pouches are light in weight with zipper that are simple to open and are ready to eat in few minutes.

  • The type of foods included in pouches includes entrees, breakfast, vegetables, desserts and snacks.
  • Vegetarian Mountain House Foods pouches are also available. Variety of noodles, rice, lasagna, meat, scrambled eggs, granola, ham and vegetables are available to choose from.
  • These pouches have shelf life of 7 years except for ice creams and fruits that have shelf life of 2 years.

Pro pack vacuum pouch: Vacuum packed pouch with zipper introduced by Mountain House foods are convenient zipper pouch with compact size that can fit in any survival kit or camping backpack.

  • Variety of Mountain House freeze dried foods available in these vacuum pouches includes pasta, lasagna, wraps, chicken stew, skillet, salad and fajita.
  • As they are vacuum packed, less amount of air is packed in the pouches which keep them fresher and compact in size.

The Best Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods

Marine Cuisine: The range of Marine cuisine developed by Mountain House foods is especially packed for boaters on long marine tours. They have shelf life of 7 years and more. Large variety of foods is available in marine cuisine category of Mountain House foods.

Emergency meal kits: Emergency meal kits are a good survival foods concept developed by the company taking into consideration the emergency that might last for 3-4 days. They have a short shelf life but they are good option while traveling for a day or two by road.

10 cans: 10 can Mountain House Foods are easy to prepare with regular or hot water. They taste well and they have shelf life of more than 7 years.

  • Mountain House cans offer a large variety of Mountain House freeze dried foods that are meant for meeting long term emergency.
  • They are economically priced and they include everything from grains to noodles, rice, pasta, vegetables and meat.

Check Out Mountain House Foods Sale

Mountain House foods wholesale can offer you with the best quality survival foods at the best rates and that too in variety of packages to meet varied customer requirements. For Mountain House foods sale, you can check their stores for updates.