Tire wholesalers, as with anything that concerns automotive, sounds very masculine–and it is in most ways. However, these kinds of businessmen can be considered as the fairy godmothers of car and truck owners or tire retailing businessmen. Like Cinderella’s own fairy godmother who provided her the shoes that fit, so will the tire wholesalers who will provide you with the locomotive part your vehicle needs for the least profit they can get from you.

How is this so? You see, tire wholesalers do not sell you tires at a retail price – ever heard of wholesale prices as opposed to retail price? Wholesale prices are way cheaper than retail prices. This is because they do not sell tires one piece at a time. But if you look at it closely, this is quite convenient. You really do not want to buy one piece of tire at a time for your car.

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A car has at least four tires, with one extra. And although you might not use the tires you bought on wholesale, you will eventually use them all up. Tires are, after all, faced with friction every day and eventually, they will wear out. Having extra tires handy is very advantageous on your part.

Also, just imagine acquiring these tires from tire wholesalers who will provide you with tires at lesser prices. These businessmen do not get high percentages from this, if you look at it. But tire wholesalers continue to do this business of wholesaling as they can have very quick movements of their goods. This practice can make you, as a customer, satisfied for the low cost presented to you and the tire wholesalers for being able to sell their goods in bulk. This can be a very good interdependent relationship.

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Why you should buy wholesale

You can say that wholesale prices are very tempting. But what if you do not need more than one tire at the moment – is wholesale still practical for you? The following are the typical reasons why you and other car owners usually opt to buy from tire wholesales.

  • Wholesale goods are 30% to 60% less than the price of single retailed goods. If you divide the price you paid for in buying a pack of, say, six tires versus buying only a single tire, you will be surprised on the difference of their price per piece.
  • You will not be affected by price fluctuation. There are times when the country’s economy is compromised by political issues and the stock market exchange. This situation will cause the prices of commodities to rise. By buying wholesale, you will have an ample stock that could last for a year or so, especially if what you hoarded are tires. You just need to find a perfect storage so that it will not deteriorate while not in use.
  • You can buy good quality tires at a low price. Popular branded tires are very expensive. This might be the reason why you opt to buy low quality but cheap tires. However, if you buy branded tires wholesale, the price per piece of the bulk high quality tires and cheap, low quality tires are almost the same.

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Buying tips for dealing with tire wholesalers

Purchasing tires wholesale is not all sweet. You might still encounter some disappointment or you might still end up paying more than you plan or afford. The following tips will help you get a great deal.

  • When buying wholesale tires, look for reputable tire wholesalers.
  • If you want to save more on tires, you can look for used tire wholesalers. Just check the quality of the rubber to be sure that the used tires are still in their best condition.
  • Truck tires are more expensive than car tires because they have bigger diameters. Truck tire wholesalers can assist you in buying high quality tires at low marked up prices.
  • Discount tire wholesalers can offer you brand new tires or second-hand tires. You can ask them for assistance in comparing the difference between brand new and second-hand. Sometimes, there are a lot of truck owners who opt to sell their tires even if they are slightly used. If there are just a negligible difference between the brand new ones and the used ones, then, you are posted for a jackpot.

Typical tires you find from tire wholesalers

You can see almost all tire types at tire wholesalers shops. You will be sure to find tires for touring, passenger, performance ratings, truck tires, snow tires and tires for industrial and commercial applications.

Typical tire brands you can see in tire wholesalers are the following:

  • Goodyear
  • Falken
  • Nankang
  • BF Goodrich
  • Uniroyal
  • Michelin
  • Fuzion
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Yokohama

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Find tire wholesalers in your place and compare prices with the retail. You will surely be happy on what you will find out. Tire wholesalers will make your vehicle equipped with good quality tires at reasonable prices.