The Michael Jackson biography is full of tragedies and triumphs. Raised in a strict family and expected to be a star, some might say that he was driven to make some bad choices. These choices may have been what finally led to his death due to an overdose of the wrong kind of drug. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Michael Jackson biography facts. Will we truly ever know why he did these things? People are left to form their own opinions. There have been several biographies written about the King of Pop. They cover his life from growing up the youngest of the Jackson five with a strict father to his last days on his Neverland ranch.

Michael Jackson singing career

One of the most interesting Michael Jackson biography facts include his menagerie of animals that he kept as pets, owning everything from a chimpanzee named Bubbles and several snakes. He was the scarecrow in the movie The Wiz. Jackson was married to Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie. It lasted two months and was viewed by most as a publicity stunt. There’s Michael Jackson biography for kids version that leave out some of the hard ships and controversies that the pop star had faced. Michael Jackson had a very interesting life, and has written and performed some of the most recognizable songs of all time. The video for Thriller was one of the most expensive music videos ever.

King of Pop early days

The biography of Michael Jackson has some happy points he was the father to two children Prince and Paris. People thought he was weird for having them cover their faces, but he just wanted to hide them from the spotlight. He was godfather to Nicole Richie, the best man at Liza Manelli’s wedding, and best friends with Elizabeth Taylor. These as well as many other stars adored him, and defended his honor when he was called into court over pedophile accusations that had allegedly occurred on his Neverland ranch.  When he passed away he left hundreds of loyal fans devastated. There were many who stayed devoted to him from the time he was in the Jackson Five to the time he passed away. He was planning a huge come back and already had sold out concerts in London before his death. The city where he was born is planning a museum in his honor where fans can go and remember the King of Pop.

One can say that the whole Michael Jackson biography is a mix of dark and light colors. Still, the pop star continues to be popular until today and fan items like Michael Jackson posters, albums, videos and others are still considered a hot item and should continue to be one for a long time.