Among the various metals used regularly in all fields, stainless steel is one of the most efficient and durable metals and is used in making not only utensils and furniture but has other important applications. However, it is important for every user to know how to identify stainless steel.

Basic Properties of Stainless Steel

There are certain specific properties that help to ascertain how to identify stainless steel. Since there are various kinds of stainless steel, the properties sometimes vary from one batch to another but they are present in all of them in larger or smaller amounts.

  • Metals – The basic metal found in stainless steel is no doubt steel. But there are other materials too that make it so tough. It contains a) 13% chromium; b) other alloys like molybdenum and nickel.
  • Welding – The first two grades of stainless steel can be welded only but not the austenitic grades as they have more of carbon.
  • Chemistry – By gathering knowledge about the chemistry of stainless steel, one knows how to identify stainless steel. Stainless steel contains 0.15% carbon, 2% manganese, 17 to 19% chromium, 0.2% phosphorous, 0.15% sulfur, 8 to 10% nickel and 0.6% molybdenum.

Mechanical properties that help to know how to identify stainless steel are 8000kg per cubic meter and 193 GPa elastic modulus. There are other details too which only specialists can understand and help individuals in identifying stainless steel.

ideal quality of a good stainless steel

Tips on How to Identify the Best Stainless Steel

Most knowledgeable persons are eager to know how to identify stainless steel before they choose to use them for various purposes. Here are some simple ways that help to identify the best stainless steel:

  • By using a magnet, one can easily detect stainless steel as it will stick to the magnet.
  • Stainless steel looks much brighter as compared to other metals.
  • It is resistant to rust and oxidization.
  • Free from corrosion.
  • Durable.
  • Cost effective.
  • Stainless steel has an elegant and natural finish.
  • Can be used for making doorknobs, sinks, cabinet counters, shelves as well as attractive furniture.
  • Used in factories, constructions and industrial applications also.
  • Ideal for art décor.

Once a person knows how to identify stainless steel and learn about its composition and properties, he will surely understand the methods of keeping stainless steel products clean and what to use for stainless steel polish. The metal itself has great advantages of being non-corrosive, rust-proof and comes with a shiny finish, stainless steel polish is not a very hard task.

  • First, a stainless steel cleaner is useful in cleaning and keeping the shine intact.
  • Second, special cleaners and polishes reduce scratch marks and stains.
  • Third, using a mild detergent and soft cloth is the best way of taking care of stainless steel.

bull premium stainless steel cleaner

Routine cleaning with soap and warm water helps to maintain the products well. After rinsing thoroughly, drying them is very essential and micro-fiber cloths used for stainless steel polish other than special cleaners and polishes work wonders in maintaining the shine of stainless steel.