Men’s hair gel from Crew is alcohol free and nondrying to the scalp. A very good product is Firm Hold Gel. This doesn’t have the alcohol and bad chemicals that other men’s hair gel brand competitors may have. This also protects from the drying effects of the sun and other stresses that come from the environment and also resists humidity. This also is a light weight gel.

Best Mens Hair Gel
Crew gel for men has another gel called Light Hold Gel. This gel contains thermal protectants, and natural extracts to guard against the drying and damaging heat from blow drying. This provides a light hold, so if you don’t need a heavy hold, this is the next option for you. Also, this gel is alcohol free and does not flake. It does not make hair dull or give a fake appearance, also it leaves no mineral or other traces in your hair and it washes out easily.

Another men’s hair gel from Crew still is just plain old label American Crew Spray Gel with no fancy “light or heavy hold” labels. This is a medium hold gel. Same thing goes for this gel; no unusual chemicals that will make this a very negative experience. This has the more natural products in this that is much healthier to you, the home environment, and the general environment. This is also a low pH formula to prevent hair and scalp from drying out.

Classic American Crew Gel For Men
Men’s hair gel from Crew is a very good option when you are trying to do your part for your health and the environment. If you are looking out for your health and want good products that are better for the hair and body and do or want chemicals all over the place, or maybe you are changing from a chemical ridden lifestyle to a more natural lifestyle, choose American Crew. Crew is a great product line to really discover for yourself.

Men’s hair gel from Crew has three different hold types of gel. You can get a light hold gel, as outlined above. Also you can get medium and firm hold as you need. Check out these hair gels by Crew and find out which one you need. If you find that a certain gel does the job that you need it to do, stay with the gel that you found that works for you.

Hair gel by Crew is mainly natural with no alcohol or very many bad chemicals at all. If you want a name brand hair gel with few to no bad chemicals and alcohol, Crew is what will fit your needs.