Plaid shirts for men are timeless and comfortable clothing items. These checkered shirts can be worn anywhere and anytime, may they be rolled up at the sleeves during hot summer months or matched with jeans and boots during winter season. They can be worm both in formal and informal occasions too. If you know the proper and fashionable way to wear plaid shirts, you will have the advantage of diversifying your overall look. Whether it is a casual look or a cool outfit, you can do it fashionably even with cheap plaid shirts for men.

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Tips in Wearing Plaid Shirts for Men

The following are simple tips that will help you look good in your plaid shirt.

  • Plaid shirts for men look good with t-shirt and jeans. Any plaid shirts when paired with a white T-shirt can create a wide variety of nice looks such as urban, casual and preppy. You can either unbutton or leave plaid button down shirts for men as they are. These looks work well with any color of denim jeans. If you are aiming for a retro look, try wearing a graphic tee underneath your plaid shirt.
  • Dress your plaid shirt up. Short sleeve plaid shirts for men go well with khaki pants. This will create a dressier look, especially when you top them with a trendy sweater and with matching neck tie. When wearing ties for your plaid shirts, always choose the ones with solid colors so that the tie’s patterns would not compete with those on your plaid shirt. This look is a perfect attire on your workplace or if you simply want to look hip.
  • Dress up according to the weather. Aside from looking good, feeling comfortable in any kind of weather should also be one of your top priorities. If the weather is cold, you should pair your plaid shirt with a down vest. Doing this will not only make you look good but will also help you stay warm. When buying down vests, keep in mind that it should be in neutral color so that they will match your plaid shirts well. Wearing stylish jackets is also a good idea during winter season. Meanwhile, if it is warm outside, you can simply roll up the sleeves of your plaid shirt and still look good.
  • Try the cowboy style. This look is not only for cowboys, but also for cowboys at heart. Match your plaid shirts with boots, cowboy hat, and a belt with a big buckle to create an eye-catching look.

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When it comes to brands, the plaid shirts from Ecko, American Eagle, and Ralph Lauren are just some of the most trusted ones. There may be other high quality brands of plaid shirts for men out there, so to make sure you are buying the right one, try visiting various stores and compare their prices and the materials used before you decide on purchasing. Plaid shirts for men are definitely one of the trendiest clothing for men in this modern time. No matter how you wear them, uptight formal or smart casual, they can create incredible looks with just simple alterations.