Breast pumps are a boon to working mothers who have to leave behind their infant babies under the care of their nanny or caretaker. Responsible and educated women who do not want their baby to miss the privilege of drinking their milk, and cannot compromise their career too, use quality objects to pump milk from their body and store it in a proper way. Medela is a famous breast pump producing company well known among such career oriented mothers. Medela breast pump types can be widely categorized into electric and manual breast pumps based on their operative mode.


New Medela Swing Breast Pump

Three Basic Medela Pump Types

Medela pump types can be classified into three based on their models. They are the following:

  • Freestyle pumps: They are electric pumps giving you the freedom to use your leg to pump or simply to se an electrical outlet to pump milk and stay hands free.
  • Medela swing breast pump: They are electrical pumps too, but cannot be used manually.
  • Pump in style Medela pumps: Manual breast pumps that give the mother the freedom to pump at her own pace using her hand or leg.


Features Of Medela Breast Pumps

Though Medela breast pump types are classified widely on their types and operative modes, most mothers simply categorize them as electrical and manual pumping machines. The features of most of these machines are nearly the same.

  • They are made of high quality products, which do not give the mother any discomfort. The soft funnel and the streamlined movements of the pump replicate the exact sucking movement of a baby.
  • Nearly all the Medela breast pump types come with a separate storage, which contains all the necessary pumping items. So, the mothers can pump and store the milk in the office premises and bring it back safely to the child.
  • Most of the models come accompanied with special breast shields and neck or shoulder straps to hold the pump and the bottle in place.


All About Medela Breast Pump Types

Benefits Of Using Medela Breast Pump

All the Medela breast pump types are made of high quality products. They are clinically tested using stringent processes to ensure they are absolutely safe to use. There is no need to worry whether the electrical pump will harm the mother or operate beyond control. The funnels are made of high quality rubber, which will not irritate or cause any discomfort to the mother’s already sensuous nipples.


Medela swing electric breast pump is the bestselling model. This pump, well known to several working mothers is now enriched with several new improvements. If you are planning to give your baby the best stored breast milk, use various Medela breast pump types to do the same. You won’t regret you decision in any way.