Buying mechanical pencils needs you to be specific about the brands. There are some popular brands offering their exclusive designs and models for the customers. Among numerous brands, it may be difficult for you to choose the right brand unless you have conducted a comprehensive research on the products available in the market today. Choosing a good brand will help you to write well and these products never let you down in case of emergencies.

Advantages Of Using Mechanical Pencils

If you compare these pencils with the older wooden pencils, numerous advantages can be noted down. Here are a few benefits:

  • You don’t need to sharpen the pencil.
  • The lines are consistent, as the leads used in these pencils provide thin, clear, and consistent lines.
  • These pencils come with a balancing technology to help you write comfortably.
  • These pencils are readily refillable.
  • These pencils are totally synthetic and repeated use of these pencils makes them environment friendly.
  • You’ll experience a very comfortable writing just like you do while using a pen.
  • There are different materials, colors, and designs to choose from.
  • The lines drawn by these pencils are precise in nature.
  • Most pencils have integrated erasers and the lines are easily erasable.
  • These are stylish, modern, and portable products.

widely used pentel mechanical pencil graph gear 1000

Features Of The Best Mechanical Pencils Available Today

Many users have some common questions like “Which one to choose?” “Why we should choose a specific brand?” “What are the features of the best mechanical pencils?” Some exclusive features make a product more popular among the users and the top seller mechanical pencils brand come up with such attributes.

  • Above anything else, you should consider the comfort. Make sure the pencil is comfortable to hold. You must feel the grip and it should be flawless. The barrels come with good gripping materials.
  • Then you should find the diameter and type of the lead used in the pencil. Make sure the leads are available in all the stores nearby.
  • You must pick something that you can re-fill easily. You should confirm that the pencil writes smoothly on any paper.
  • The leads you choose should be durable, consistent, and affordable.

popular infinite lead mechanical pencil

Best Mechanical Pencil Brands

1.)  Pentel Mechanical Pencils: Pentel Graph Gear 1000

Pentel is the one of the leading pencil manufacturing brands in the market. This specific product from the company has been rated as top seller by the stationary stores around the world. It uses a 0.5 mm lead. You get a good grip brushed metal barrel and a light body to hold while writing.

2.)  Papermate Mechanical Pencils: Paper Mate Clear Tip 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil

PaperMate is another exclusive choice for the users. This clear tip .7mm pencil has stayed as top seller in marketplaces like Amazon for a long time. These pencils come with different colors. This offers a side action lead, unique comfortable grip, an efficient jumbo twist eraser integrated inside. The product is cheap and comes up with a starter kit offer for the beginner level users.

3.)  Sanford(R) Technician(R) II Mechanical Pencil

This popular Sanford product has some amazing features. It comes with an adjustable clip, comfortable rubber grip and an option to use .5 or .7 mm leads at the same time. The dashing black stylish appearance of these pencils has already attracted millions of customers worldwide. This is also a top seller on Amazon and eBay.