Certain professions consume a whole lot of time and the people in those professions are often too busy to check their eating habits. This leads people to pile up on calories and eventually the person gains weight. Contrary to the belief that only eating a lot causes an increase in weight, think again because you can gain weight if you skip meals, too. If you don’t have the time for exercise, you can at least check your eating habits. Dieting is not a fad anymore, but a dire need for many people. There are certain meals to lose weight that are specifically designed for a person by a nutritionist or you can follow your own food chart.

Meals That Help Lose Weight

Meals for one who wants to lose the extra flab are divided into 3 categories: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food that you consume in the morning, afternoon and night will decide your weight loss.

different Meals to lose weight

(1) Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Be sure to never skip it. The various meals to lose weight you can have for breakfast are as follows:

  1. Eggs: Eggs cooked in any form, be it boiled, scrambled or omelets help you cut down calories. It is high in protein.

  1. Oatmeal: It is a healthy food high on fiber and protein, and will reduce cholesterol content in blood.

  1. Milk: It contains proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals especially calcium, which is an important nourishment for the bones in the body. Have a warm cup of milk or mix oatmeal and milk for breakfast.

  1. Fruits: Have one fruit or a glass of fruit juice before leaving for work. They prevent fat from piling up in the body. Pomegranates, apple, or an orange helps.

  1. Bread: Eat either whole-grain or whole-wheat breads, which are high in nutritional value. Toast them and either have a fresh fruit sandwich or apply little amount of peanut or apple butter. You can even opt to have a muffin.

f) Green Tea: It not only helps you to lose weight, but also makes your skin glow, giving you a younger and healthier looking skin.

(2) Lunch

Having a healthy lunch helps you to stay bright and vigorous for the rest of the day. Foods to include in your lunch meal are:

a) Olive Oil: Eat lunch that contains olive oil as it helps protect your heart.

b) Beans: Include high-fiber beans in your lunch as they can lower the cholesterol.

c) Fish: Sardines are best option to consume during lunch as they are high on protein and calcium. They help maintain the fat content in the muscle. Salmon is a good option.

best delicious meals for one

d) Chicken: Having chicken three times a week, helps you to stay healthy as it, too, is high in protein.

  1. Vegetables: Mix vegetables and meat for a balanced diet.

  1. Rice: It is low in fat and calories but high in starch, which is important to human body.

  1. Pasta: Try buckwheat pasta, which contains high protein.

  1. Yogurt: It contains carbohydrates and protein.

(3) Dinner

After a hard day of work, you must eat meals to lose weight, which also help you to relax. These are: (a) soups, where you can eat lentil soup or a combination of chicken and veggies; and (b) salad, where you can mix fruits and vegetable and top it with olive oil. The foods mentioned in the lunch meal can also be had during dinner, but at a lesser quantity. For example, if you had fish for lunch, try having vegetable stir fry for dinner.

So, there you go with some meals to lose weight that will help you to stay fit and healthy, and last through the entire busy day.