Mark Rothko art is perhaps one of the popular abstract paintings the world has ever known. Mark Rothko was one of the known abstract painters of his days, he was titled as an abstract expressionist but refused it and insisted to be just an abstract painter. Mark Rothko art is one of the earliest form of classic painting that depicts beauty in simplicity through a display of random colors. Simple art never goes out of style and many still prefer these kind of paintings until today. In fact, Mark Rothko art looks so simple that any modern day newbie artist can imitate the the style of these paintings. Most Mark Rothko art includes iconic paintings that are mostly composed of rectangle shaped figures using different colors, from vibrant colors to deep dark colors. Still, Mark Rothko art his paintings never stopped attracting painting enthusiasts and ordinary people alike.

eye catchy a gift of the mark rothko painting

What’s unique about each piece of Mark Rothko art is how it brings out certain emotions from the viewer with just the use of different colors in an abstract style of painting. Certain bright colors would look full of gladness and happiness painted all over it while certain dark colors evoke gloomy and mysterious emotions about the painting.

Still, the variety of Mark Rothko art makes them suitable to be displayed in different kinds of places whether it’s your house or a business establishment like an office or a bar and restaurant. They are perfect adornments to match the mood of a particular place. Moreover, the various combinations of colors in Mark Rothko art makes the same just the right decoration for any kind of interior decorating style.

You can find these Mark Rothko art in many forms nowadays, from Mark Rothko posters and even screen-savers for your desktop and laptop computer. These are avid Mark Rothko fans and followers who do not limit their admiration for their idol to his paintings, but to other materials as well. So Mark Rothko art is not just about his paintings as his works are seemingly found everywhere.

saffron 1957 painting by mark rothko

One can find Mark Rothko art online easily wherein some of the featured Mark Rothko art are even found in some of the government owned websites such as of the U.S. National Gallery of Art. However, if you want to buy such paintings online, look for Mark Rothko abstract art for sale in websites such as and for some Mark Rothko art reproductions.