More and more people are recognizing the mango peel extract as a significant dietary product. The extract has been proven to have a range of uses and benefits. Some of the main benefits and uses of mango peel extract are listed below.

Weight Reduction

One of the most popular uses of mango peel extract is to aid in weight reduction. The extract helps in weight reduction is several ways such as:

  • First, it helps by giving a boost to your metabolism. The higher your rate of metabolism the more calories you burn. Majority of people with weight problems have slower metabolic rates, which makes the boost from the extract very effective.
  • With the increase in calorie use the body burns more fat, hence weight loss.
  • The mango peel extract inhibits adipogenesis, which is the process that creates fat cells. Without your fat cells, you lose weight.

eating mango peel fat formation prevention


A major factor in the battle to keep weight down is the battle against hunger. Most people lose this battle with weight due to their inability to cope with the hunger pangs associated with dieting. Finding a way to suppress hunger has been a major focus of the weight loss industry for decades. Finally, it was recognized that the mango peel extract contained chemicals that acted on the body and suppressed the pangs of hunger. You will still be hungry, you just will not feel it as acutely as you used to. This is a major battle won in fight against being overweight. If you really want to shed those excess pounds, you will find that the mango peel extract will aid you in this. A further boost to this effect would be to take a little dried mango before you go to bed.

Fights Fatigue

The mango peel extract also helps in boosting your energy levels and combats fatigue. The extract has several properties which stimulate the body naturally and give extra vitality and vigor. The most attractive feature of the extract is that it is all natural, so there are no negative effects to its use.

Detoxifies the Body

Mango peel extract will help to detoxify your body. Daily, you bombard your body with chemicals through the food you eat and the beverages you drink. This leads to a gradual accumulation of toxins with the body. These toxins are without a doubt harmful to the body and will over time start to take their toll on the body systems. Symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and some digestive or nervous ailments are signs that detoxifying the body is needed.

nutritional facts on mango peel


In preparing the extract, the manufacturers use either fresh or dried mango in producing the extract. However, fresh mango is the most commonly used.

  • First, the soak the peels in a solvent. The solvent used depends on the product that you need. You can use alcohol, water or bio-acid.
  • Then the solution is run through a process called the Stephenson process to produce polyphenols, carotenoids and anthocyanins. The exact combination of these and other antioxidants produced are what make up the mango peel extract and it varies from one manufacturer to another.

The benefits of mango peel extract are clear for all to see. With it you lose weight, detoxify your system and get an energy boost, all achieved without chemicals. The mango peel extract is very beneficial extract for your health.