What is malaria disease? It’s a deadly virus that kills hundreds yearly. Knowing vital Malaria facts are important for education and prevention efforts. Many scientist’s, humanitarians, and Politicians believe that prevention is the key to solving the Malaria problem. The following malaria disease information will help one to stay updated about this horrible disease.

Facts about Malaria are grim. Every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria. 300 million to 350 million people die each year from Malaria. One million of those who died were children, many of whom lived in Africa south of the Sahara desert. Forty percent of the world’s populations live in Malaria susceptible areas. In Africa, where Malaria has hit the population the hardest, Malaria killed almost 1 million people in one year. Most of those who die from Malaria are from low income areas of the world and are children.

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One of the vital facts about Malaria is that the disease is carried by mosquitoes only. Malaria, however, is preventable and curable. Due to the creation of anti-malarial drugs, the disease should not be as prevalent as it is. The disease is an endemic. Malaria can be prevented by decreasing the mosquito population. Taking anti-malarial drugs has a 90-100% success rate. Using these drugs, along with mosquito population control methods should severely decrease one’s likelihood of getting the disease.

Some interesting facts about Malaria include the prevalence of Malaria in the United States. Over 1000 cases of Malaria are seen and reported annually. These cases are typically due to travelers who have returned from Malaria areas. Not everyone knows Malaria facts. Another interesting Malaria fact is that the cause of Malaria was not discovered until 1880 by a French physician. Before that, nobody knows what was killing those infected by Malaria.

Knowing Malaria Facts is important; teaching our children about Malaria is just as important. Good Malaria facts for kids include facts about prevention, signs and symptoms of Malaria, and where Malaria is found.

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Signs and symptoms of Malaria are flu like and include: chills, fever, sweat, vomiting, nausea, and muscle aches. The disease can progress into kidney failure, confusion, seizures, and eventually coma and/or death. Malaria can develop rapidly so it is important to treat quickly with Anti-malarial drugs as soon as Malaria is suspected.

Prevention is an important factor when it comes to eliminating your risk of attracting Malaria; Malaria can be prevented by decreasing your risk of mosquito bites. Malaria is found mainly in Africa, South America, and South Asia.