The Malaria disease is a deadly disease. Knowing what causes malaria disease and how to cure it would be vital then. Malaria is caused by certain species of mosquitoes and is generally not found in the United States but found all over the world. The malaria disease found more in tropical rain forest climates, specifically Asia, Africa, and parts of South America. This is due to the abundance of mosquitoes.

symptoms of malaria

What causes the malaria disease? No one knew until 1880, this is when French doctor Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran discovered that a protozoan from mosquitoes caused the disease to humans. Malaria disease is not easily understood, many people ask themselves “What is Malaria disease?” The Malaria disease is caused by a parasite that is carried by the mosquito. When this parasite-carrying mosquito sucks on a human, they may get infected. The parasite that causes the Malaria Disease is called the Plasmodium. Malaria in humans is caused by P. vivax, P. ovale, P. malariae, P. falciparum and P. knowlesi. The most common parasite strain and responsible for 90% of Malaria deaths is the P. falciparum.

Malaria disease information is important when trying to prevent and cure the disease. Doctors are working hard to search for a vaccine for the Malaria disease. Controversy surrounds Malaria diseases. So many deaths occur from the Malaria disease each year, preventing them is already a global effort. Finding a cost effective solution to decreasing Malaria disease occurrences is another huge matter completely.

The Malaria disease was once heavily prevalent in North America and Europe. Due to an increase in effective prevention of mosquito bites, and weather (ineffective climate for mosquitoes to breed all year long), the Malaria disease slowly stopped spreading and is no longer a threat in North America and Europe. The Malaria disease can be prevented by using mosquito nets, pest repellent, and by controlling the mosquito population.

anopheles mosquitoes causing malaria

Several countries that have enormous Malaria disease problems have had success in lowering Malaria disease rates by controlling the mosquito population. Vietnam, India, Brazil, and Eritrea have all had success in decreasing rates of the Malaria disease. This is due to the huge effort of the government to the prevention of Malaria disease at the national, city, and local levels. By empowering the masses to fight Malaria disease carrying mosquitoes, these countries were able to keep Malaria cases down significantly.

Still, the best way to fight Malaria disease is through education regarding sanitation and regular cleaning in your surroundings. By constantly on the watch for mosquito breeding grounds such as stagnant water, the Malaria disease can be kept away and at bay.