Scented candles are popular in house lighting today. Unlike before, candles today are no longer limited as an alternate source of light in case of power outages; they have been used for decorative or aesthetic purposes as well.

Scented candles produce a certain scent when lit, thus determining the atmosphere of a room. Some are used for relaxation, for example, those candles lit during therapy sessions. Others are used to bring out a romantic mood, and most of these contain exotic spice notes. More often than not, these candles are a bit expensive.

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Making Candles at Home

Making your own candles not only helps one save but allows for individuals to make candles that emit their favourite scents when lit. The following is how to make scented candles at home:

  • Set up your moulds on an old baking sheet to protect your counter top from accidental spills. Moulds could be plastic containers as they work well.
  • Next step is to wrap around one end of your wick on a chop stick depending on length of your mould, and cut wick to the appropriate length. Centre wick assembly over mould.
  • Several drops of water should then be added and your pot lowered.
  • Add at least 10 drops of oil to molten candle wax then stir thoroughly to spread the scent. 10 drops of essential oil have been guaranteed to produce best scented candles.
  • Pour the wax mixture into the already prepared moulds. Allow candle wax to harden in the moulds for at least 24 hours before removing from moulds.
  • Let candles cure for about a week before using them.

Scented wax comes about as a result of the essential oils used in preparing scented candles. This is what burns to produce the scent in candles. To get cheap scented candles, one should buy in bulk and get them at wholesale price, or rather just wait for seasonal offers like Christmas scented candles sales.

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Popular Scents

Some of the most popular scented candle makers in the United States include;

  • Yankee candles company
  • Chesapeake bay company
  • Root candles company
  • Virginia candles company
  • Colonial candle company
  • Gold canyon company

The following are some selection tips for these scented candles:

  • Always determine cost of candles
  • Choose scent according to your preferences
  • Size of candle you want; small, medium or large
  • Intended use of candles; is it for therapy or to set a romantic mood?

Scented candles could also be used in churches as symbols of holiness. The scent in candles used in church however should be mild.