Yamazaki flatware is just the kind that you would prefer to have in your home. The quality is just great and yet they are available in discounted prices. If you are not familiar with the term, flatware is composed of table utensils that are used for eating and serving food. These include spoons, forks, plates and butter knives, which are all rather flat in design. Flatware is in contrast with hollow ware, which is used to refer to items that are shaped like hollow vessels. These include teapots, sugar pots, cream pitchers, sugar bowls, and shakers for salt and pepper and cream bowls.

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Yamazaki flatware patterns are so varied it is hard not to find something that is appropriate for your own dining table. In shopping for Yamazaki flatware, there are generally two methods that you can use. You may shop by pattern to find standard designs such as the Yamazaki bolo flatware and the Yamazaki gone fishin flatware. Alternatively, you may also shop by collection.

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Yamazaki Collections

The Yamazaki collections include the following:

  • Yamazaki Stainless Collection – this collection is composed of more than 30 patterns that are all done in beautiful stainless steel. The patterns are also available in different finishes.
  • Yamazaki Gold Accent Collection – composed of nine patterns, this collection is done in 18/8 stainless steel that is accented in rich gold.
  • Yamazaki Ice Collection – this collection is also made with 18/8 stainless steel but incorporated with frosted handles. You can find 5 patterns in this collection.

cache gold accent 5-piece yamazaki flatware

  • To keep your flatware looking brand new, you should realize the fact that stainless means it stains less compared to ordinary steel. Although the material is very durable and tough, it is not immune to stains. Thus, the best method of maintaining the brand new appearance of stainless steel is to wash it right after use. Rinsing your Yamazaki flatware before you put it inside a dishwasher is also a great help since it removes food particles that can result to spotting. There are types of food that are high in sulfur such as eggs and mayonnaise and they can tarnish the steel. If you just used your flatware for such food then, wash the utensils immediately to prevent any discoloration. There are stainless steel polishes and cleaners that are available in supermarket and stores. You can get one to remove most discolorations easily. After several months or years of continued use, all flatware will have tiny scratches on their surfaces that are called patina. However, these are considered as enhancements, not faults, and they add a personal touch to your Yamazaki flatware.
  • Yamazaki flatware is dishwasher safe and they have been designed for a lifetime of service. However, it is recommended that you rinse your utensils before putting them in dishwashers and to use dishwashing detergent that is not lemon based. There are lemon based products that can stain the material. It is also suggested that you prevent knife blades from hitting the handles of your utensils.

5-piece yamazaki gone fishin flatware

Using And Caring For Your Yamazaki Flatware Properly

By abiding with these tips, you’ll be assured that your Yamazaki flatware collection will last a very long time.