The lunette cup is often claimed as one of the best replacements for the usual tampons that are apparently costly and at the same time a bit annoying when worn. The lunette cup came as a savior to some women who were desperate for an alternative to the pads and tampons, which also required constant changing from time to time. The lunette menstrual cup also offered the advantage of being a reasonably priced option and was a convenient replacement for the costly tampons.

lunette menstrual cup

With many women switching over to the lunette cup alternative, there has been an increase in the number of stores selling them and the increase in the competition among stores to sell them gives the consumer an advantage of grabbing some great discounts without any hassle. If you wish to learn more about these cups, you should check up reviews or even the online forums that provide guidance to women on these basic stuff. You can also buy lunette cup online at their official website and get to know more about how you can efficiently use them to your advantage.

The lunette cup gives women the power to have more control over their life and work without any concern during their period days. Most importantly, they are generally small in nature and are placed strategically inside the female’s genital area in such a way so as to collect the blood. The mechanism and working of cups are different from that of the tampons and pads. They do not absorb the blood but instead collect them and you can remove them later on. The difficult or annoying part while dealing with the lunette cup is when you remove them during the first few times of use, they tend to be really messy.

colored menstruation cup

Nevertheless, they do not require constant changing like the tampons and pads and are at the same time easy to use and safe.  As to how they are made, they are made of medical grade silicone, which is defined to be non-friendly element for bacterial growth and can hence eliminate the possibilities of any kind of infection. They can easily be removed once you get acquainted with their usage produce and you can remove them and clean them regularly just to ensure your personal hygiene. They can be washed thoroughly and then reused without having to purchase a new one each time after use. In effect, these cups generate zero waste, which is a great advantage compared to the other varieties.