There are various types of termites and each of them can cause termite damage. Termites are tiny insects which can cause huge damage to your home if not dealt with in good time. That is why different companies have come up with mechanisms to help homeowners to deal with the menace. Termites are tiny and can be in your home for a long time without your knowledge. For that reason it is imperative for you to know the initial signs of termite infestation.

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Types Of Termite Signs

Signs of termite damage can be tricky to find and you will have to be very keen to identify them. However, termites which do not operate in the open have a way of making straw-like pathways which help them to get to their destination. Check out for such pathways before your home is brought down by these insects. A careful look at the walls, floor or doors may open your eyes to any signs of termite damage. Even for hidden spots in the house, you would need to thoroughly inspect such areas.

Destruction Of Wood

Termites feed on wood and for you to know if your wood has become their food, check for holes in it. If you notice an area which is not even, try to scratch it with something to see if there is rottenness underneath. You may realize that the wood has holes which are full of soil or mud due to signs of termite damage. The presence of these holes may be an indication that you have termites in your building.

Rhythm in the Wood

Another way of knowing if there are termites in your home is by beating the wood and listening to the sound it produces. Signs of termite damage can be identified by a rhythmic sound inside the wood which could indicate that its already hollow. Once you are assured that there are termites in your home it is important find out how far the damage has been done in order to get termite bond. The knowledge of how far the damage has been done will help you know what measures to take in order to save your home.

The following are some of the possible damages which can be done by termites.

Mild damage

This is the damage done in initial stages of termite infestation whereby they may not have destroyed a big area of the wood. In this case the damage is minimal and if you are not sure of the extent of destruction employing the services of a professional will be ideal to help you get termite bond. During this stage, treatment is very important to stop the damage and start doing repairs.

Severe damage

In this situation the damage is severe and the wood totally destroyed. Repair and replacement is very crucial. One must ensure the integrity of the structure is still sound and fit for living.

Available Termite Control Methods

  •  Termite bond –  These are bonds given to home owners by companies which ensure that the company will treat free of charge any termite infestation in the home.
  • Chemical treatments – This can be done with the help of a professional or you can do it yourself.
  • Professional extermination – Mild or severe damage, things can get worse in an instant if you don’t know what to do or do it wrong. Hence, professional assistance is the best option.

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Looking out for signs of termite damage is a tasks every homeowner should do in a regular basis especially when the home has a wood component. Remember, prevention is always better than cures and treatments. Get a termite bond as soon as possible and do all measures to protect your home and investment.