Loafer socks are perfect for people who don’t like wearing socks but are required to due to the rules and regulations of their workplace or for hygiene and ventilation purposes.

They are also ideal for sportspeople who need to wear socks but don’t want the traditionally thick, constricting socks that cause sweat build-up and irritation after as little as half an hour of intense exercise. They are particularly useful in summer when temperatures rise and the desire to wear socks decreases even more.

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The reason loafer socks are so popular is the fact that they are less restrictive and invasive than normal socks, even reported to be more comfortable than ankle socks which were extremely popular when they first arrived on the scene several years back.

The design of loafer socks is such that they are supposed to be worn around half way up the foot, making them practically invisible and giving the impression that you are wearing no socks at all. This is a great benefit to have because we all know the days of wearing socks past our ankles or half way up our shins are long gone.

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As well as the obvious sporting applications, no show loafer socks are also ideal for business men or women who want to wear work-type shoes but don’t want to give the impression that they are wearing socks. As well as being more fashionable, there are certain cases of strict work policies which state that you must wear socks as part of the dress code at all times. With this, loafer socks should do the trick to address fashion and policy at the same time.

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Thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased both women’s and men’s loafer socks have commented that these sort of socks have a much lower profile than a lot of the copy-cat varieties available on the market. They have reported that they can feel the cool breeze circulating around their feet and ankles on hot days, which is a welcome relief and not something that you would expect with a humble pair of socks.

Perhaps the only weakness or downside regarding the use of loafer socks is the fact that their durability isn’t the best. As they are made of a very thin material, you really cannot expect to get more than about 15-20 washes out of them before holes start to appear and they need to be replaced. Luckily, they are quite cheap to buy in the first place, but it would be good if they could find a way to make loafer socks last longer.

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Of course, this is a problem that plagues all types of socks, not just specific varieties like gold toe loafer socks. Having said that, it is important to still keep in mind the many various benefits of wearing these thin socks, and in many cases these benefits will far outweigh the minor negative aspects.