Today, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world is herpes. Approximately 90% of the population of persons living with herpes has no clue that they have the disease. If you are among the remaining 10% that have the disease, you can interpret the information given in this article as how to go on living with herpes.

Living with herpes simplex 1 can be difficult for both you and your partner. You will start worrying about certain things such as transmitting the disease to others, including a newborn baby. You will also start to think about your past sexual partners and wonder which of them gave you herpes, or did you pass it on to any of them? All these are things that you have to deal with once you have found out that you have contracted herpes. Now you need to know how you should continue your life with this disease, or if you will have a normal sex life living with someone with herpes.

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To address the issue of living with herpes, you first need to know the facts about the disease. Herpes is caused by an infectious virus; therefore, it can be transmitted from one person to another via direct contact. As such, a number of the persons who have herpes contracted the virus through sexual contact with an infected person. Initially when you get herpes sores, they are going be there for quite a long time. However, the sores can disappear for an extended period of time, and the herpes virus will be dormant in your body. On the other hand, you need to be very careful as the virus in still in your body, and it is still contagious and harmful to those that you love.

There are different forms of the herpes virus, including oral herpes. Living with oral herpes is just as difficult as living with any other form of herpes; therefore, you should be careful not to infect anyone else with the disease.

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You also need to know who you got the virus from. However, the most important thing you need to find out is if your present sexual partner has already contracted the disease. You can find this out by visiting your health care provider, and getting a series of test done on you and your partner. You need to know all this information, as it will determine your future and how you will cope with living with the herpes virus.

Physically, living with herpes is not as difficult as having to deal with the emotional stress of having a sexually transmitted disease.