Tired of scattered pages on your work table? Well, now it’s the time for your rescue. You can use a very simple yet efficient device to keep your important sheets together; the device known as Binder Clip. For a very long time, this small, simple yet effective tool has been one of the most important part of every office, household or any business venture that requires putting papers together.

What is a Binder Clip?

Binder clip serves a great purpose in almost every modern office today as the device keeps the paper intact without putting a staple. This helps in keeping papers or documents intact without a chance of spoiling them.

Useful Binder Clips

How It Works

  • A Binder clip involves a simple mechanism in its making and is available at dirt cheap prices.
  • A strip of thin steel is bent to provide shape of a triangle that forms as loop at the top.
  • The loop of a binder clip helps to hold the spring steel. These pieces of spring steel act as handles that allow the opening and closing of a binder clip.

What is it called?

  • This clip is known by different names today. Sometimes it is termed as foldover clip, sometimes as banker’s clip.
  • It is also called as Handbag Clip by some as when the clip is not in use it resembles a handbag.
  • No matter what this clip is called, the function that this device serves is of a great importance.

The Different Sizes of Binder Clips

Office Use Extra Large Binder Clip

Every binder clip has its own purpose and serves accordingly. Small binder clip is used to hold a limited number of papers while the extra large binder clip is used to hold a quantity of papers that are big and bulky. No matter what quantity of documents or papers you have, there is always a binder clip available for you to use.

Today there are different kinds of clips available in the market.Some are large binder clip, some are small.

  • A different form of binder clip is also available today, this is called binder clip money clip.
  • A money clip is a great tool for carrying money and other important documents without carrying a wallet. This clip is immensely popular among travelers and people who do not like carrying loads in their back pockets.

Efficient Binder Clip Money Clip

If you are feeling that a binder clip serves the purpose of holding papers only, then you might be wrong. There is much more to it. An extra large binder clip can be used to improve your grip. Just fold it back and use it as a tool for your exercise. Binder clip can also be used as a book mark or to hold something upon a string.

Other Types of Binder Clips and their features:

  • Small Binder Clips: These clips are used to hold a small quantity of papers.
  • Large Binder Clips: If the paper quantity is more or size is big, these clips can be great help.

Large Binder Clip for Large Files

  • Extra Large Binder Clips: As the name suggests, these clips are used for bulky work.
  • Money Clips: Used to keep money by numerous travelers who do not like to carry wallets.
  • Magnetic Clips: Another form of stylized binder clip. It makes use of magnets to hold the important stuff.
  • Hybrid Binder Clips: These have a large flat pocket to hold cards with a clip on the back for holding cash.