A lot of women love lipstick and that is something that will always be. Lipstick is a major part of all facial makeup and most women cannot live without it. There are numerous companies that manufacture lipstick and all of them are big income generators in the world market.

A model prepares backstage before the Carlos Miele Spring/Summer 2013 collection show at New York Fashion Week

Top Lipstick Brands

  • MAC

MAC, according to various reviews from consumers, is the greatest lipstick brand of all time. Mac has been around the global market for a while and they use the expert advice of the celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath in developing shades. They normally release a collection of shades for each season and you are bound to get lovely orange lipstick from them.

  • Lancôme

Famous all over the world for their great shades and finishes in lipstick, Lancôme is a favorite for many makeup artists. Most makeup artists in Hollywood swear by this brand. Not only are their lipsticks great, they are also very affordable.

  • Nars

This brand has recently caused a sensation by launching their famous brand, Orgasm. It can be used as lipstick or blush and even eye mascara. This is the one of the top lipstick brands especially for the woman on the move who doesn’t have time to get all the makeup and carry it around.

Finding The Best Red Pink Orange Lipstick

The Luxury Brands

  • Dior

Famed mainly for their classic collections of runway clothing, the Dior ranges of cosmetics are still known for good quality. However, they are also very expensive.

  • Channel

Channel is an embodiment of high fashion and their range of products are top quality including its top lipstick brands collection. This brand is a choice for most models and celebrities.

  • Estee Lauder

Considered as one of the top lipstick brands, Estee Lauder is very popular especially in Europe. Their lipstick is good and affordable and although they are among the luxury brands, they are reasonably affordable. Their lipstick is long lasting and needs less retouching up during the day. It also leaves a smooth and satiny impression on your lips.

Other top lipstick brands to look out for are Revlon, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, Make up forever and Bobbi Brown. These brands have various selections of shades. Now all you have to do is pick out the best brand that suits your needs and, of course, your budget. Make sure you try these lipsticks on before purchasing them to check if the shade you chose look good on you.