Gluten is a type of protein that is mainly found in some cereals like wheat, barley, maize and others. Excessive intake of gluten can cause severe problems in the body and can cause disorder in the functions of organs. As a result of this the doctors often prescribe to take gluten free food. Now, there can be more than one list of gluten free foods but remembering all would give you a headache. Fortunately, there’s a lot of free list of gluten free food online to guide you.

Diet Gluten Free Cereals

For your body, there should be some restrictions and as a result of this the some special lists are produced such as the gluten free diet list of foods and list of gluten free foods for kids. However nowhere in the list of gluten free foods it is mentioned that the food does not contain even 1 % gluten but it is stating that the gluten content is minimum and taking such foods will not cause excessive intake of gluten for the body.

  • In the list of gluten free foods some gluten free cereals are included. Excluding wheat, rye and barley which contains high level of gluten. Corn, buckwheat and arrowroot are popular among the gluten free cereals.
  • In the list of gluten free foods we also find potato. Many believe that potato contains high level of glucose so it will also have high level of gluten as well. But the case is just the opposite. Doctors often prescribe to take potato since they contain very low levels of gluten.
  • Tapioca and Tea are also common elements which are found in the list of gluten free foods. They also contain very low level of gluten and as a result they are not restricted to any extent.
  • Butter also contains low level of gluten in normal cases but when butter is formed with more ingredients then it may contain high level of gluten. So it is better to check the nutrition facts before purchasing. The same is true for milk where additives and enhancements would result to adding certain amounts of gluten.
  • Fish is also a healthy food especially when it comes to the amount of gluten content in them. They are also included as an integral part of the list of gluten free foods.


Safe List Of Gluten Free Foods

The list of gluten free foods is not really that limited. So it is better to check out the level of gluten before taking any food and include them in the diet chart. Hence, it would be a wiser idea to list foods containing gluten and simply avoid including them in your meals