When an individual decides to renovate their house, it is important that they consider remodelling, refinishing and redesigning their doors as well. Doors being the first features at the entrance of any home tend to create an impression of the inside of the house. With the modern times, there are very many kinds of door accessories available. These door accessories will also reflect the theme of the entire house.

love heart shaped turned door knobs

List of Door Accessories

Door accessories serve both a functional and decorative role on the door on which they are placed. For the above reason, the accessories chosen need to be carefully selected. This is to ensure that both the decorative and functional roles are played appropriately. Some of these accessories for doors include:

  • Door knobs/door levers –Door knobs and levers are turned or twisted to open doors.
  • Key in locks/electronic and push button locks – Locks are for the security of doors. When used, twisting the knobs and levers alone cannot open the door.
  • Pocket sliding door handles and trucks – These are for the pocket sliding doors. The trucks allow for ease in sliding while handles are the push and pull features.
  • Door hinges – They allow for the free swinging of doors when opening and closing.
  • Door bell buttons – Door bell buttons are an alternative to door knockers.
  • Door viewers – These viewers allow an individual to see who is at the door prior to opening.
  • Door knockers – Knockers are used especially in homes with no door bells. They prevent the occurrence of any form of damage on doors due to direct knocking.
  • Door closers – Door closers prevent the banging of doors.

Another accessory for doors is the door sweep. This refers to either a rubber or vinyl plugging that is usually placed to seal the gap between the door and the bottom frame. This serves to prevent heat loss thus saving on the energy used in air conditioning.

adjustable and reversible internal door closer

Key Points in Shopping

The following are some of the points to note when shopping for door accessories.

  • Ensure to buy from recognized brands.
  • Look for accessories that are within your budget.
  • Get advice on what to buy from experts.
  • Go for a style that matches or complements the theme of your house.

When shopping for these accessories, do not settle on an accessory because it is cheap. Also, do not clash the theme of the house with differently themed accessories. With the appropriate door accessories, your door will not only look stylish but will also enhance the decor of your home.