A home is where a family spends time creating special unforgettable moments in life. It is also the place which provides a soothing and calming environment. To make a home brighter, lighting is essential. Various lighting ideas for homes are presented by interior designers and in catalogs of companies that design the lights required to complete a home. Unique light designs help to enhance the beauty of the home and one can also adjust the lighting to match their various moods.

All About Lighting Ideas For Homes

Further, companies are going green by producing energy-efficient lamps. Royce lighting are manufacturers of indoor and outdoor lighting as well as portable lighting. They provide you with a variety of choice of lighting ideas for homes with a number of their collections such as Gibson, Nobu, Kensington, Universal, and Urban Colonial. Their lighting designs range from classic to modern.

Types Of Lighting

The interior home lighting designs are chosen depending on the type of room and the type of lighting required. There are three different types of lighting ideas for homes:

  • General or Ambient lighting – This is a type of lighting that when switched on, would flood the whole room with light.
  • Task lighting – This provides light only for a specific area used for reading or writing.
  •  Accent lighting – This is used to light up the painting or sculpture in particular. It is mostly used for decorative purposes.
  • Down-lighter – This provides light in the downward direction.
  • Up-lighters – These are used to provide ambient light.


Latest Royce lighting Design

Interior Home Lighting Ideas

To choose unique light designs, you have to keep in mind the mood that you desire to have in a particular room taking into account the various tasks performed in the room. Also, choose ones that provide beauty to the furniture present in the room. In most rooms, a combination of different lighting ideas for homes is used to set different moods.

Indoor Lighting:

  • Living Room: Most of a person’s time is spent in the living room. Apart from providing opening for natural light, you can use combination of ambient and task lighting. Ambient lighting includes the use of chandeliers. If you are interested in writing or reading in the living room, near a fireplace or on sofa task lighting can be used. Table lamps, desk lamps, pendant lamps, and swing arm lamps are used for task lighting. You can also use accent lighting to highlight the decorative pieces in the halls.
  • Kitchen: Ambient lighting can be used in the kitchen. Recessed lights can be used along with task lighting to illuminate working area in the kitchen.
  • Bathroom: Ambient lighting is not necessary. You can use decorative wall scones and for cabinets present in the bath use ones that provide a light on the inside of cabinets.
  • Bedroom: Track lighting is suitable in a kid’s room. Up-lighters can be used. Always buy lighting that is adjustable for kid’s room. Take care the light doesn’t directly fall on the eyes. Dimmed lights are an option for master bedroom.
  • Dining room: Decorative pendant lighting can be used. Niche lighting with modern design can be used.


Outdoor Lighting:

For romantic outdoor lighting ideas, candles are one of the options. The little flame emitted by the candle provide an intimate and romantic environment. Dimmed lights can also be used. Alternatively, you can create  a sense of closeness by making the ceiling look lower by using fairy lights. The other option is use of paper lantern, which gives a pleasant glow depending on the shade used.