Pushing the envelope of fashion, leopard booties are the new rage that definitely goes to the outer fringe of fashion. It has been some time since we have felt the freedom to don an animal print. And it has been an even longer time since there has been such a dramatic change in shoes. Leopard booties have such a fun and flirtatious look that you can’t help but be enamored with the spirit and fun of these shoes.

Fabulous Leopard Booties

You’ve seen models wearing this great show, tromping down the runway with reckless abandon. But we know that to be able to walk in such a high heel and with that confidence, this takes a bit of practice. However, Leopard booties are actually more comfortable than you might think. These shoes are made of solid construction under the ball of the foot to ensure maximum comfort.

The bootie is designed to be worn, and therefore, is constructed so that the wearer can wear it all day if necessary without having to consider comfort and support. The position that the foot takes while wearing the bootie allows your foot to be comfortable all day.

Types of Leopard Booties

  • Leopard Flat Booties: If there ever has been a shoe that says, “Yeah, I’m a woman, and I know it, and I’m proud of it!” the leopard print flat bootie is that shoe. These type of leopard print booties are just one of many animal prints that you can find in the booties style. The animal prints and especially the leopard prints are uncommonly popular today. And with the flat heels, you can be assured of total comfort no matter how many hours you wear them.

Genuine Leopard Print Booties

  • Leopard High Heels Booties: The leopard high heels are shoes that cover the middle of the foot and have a high heel. Most booties have a stiletto heal and can either have an open toe or a closed toe. The finishing touch of this kind of leopard booties is a side zipper.  This allows for the fashion of the shoe not to interfere with the form of the shoe.
  • Leopard Wedge Booties: So you love the look of the leopard print bootie, but don’t necessarily want a formal stiletto-type heels style. The leopard wedge bootie can be the best choice for that. It can give you the height without the strong look of a high heel like the stiletto shoe. The wedge allows you to look taller yet still conveys a more casual look as compared to the high-heels. These leopard print wedge booties seem to live a double life, because they look great on the dance floor and look great in the office as well. The leopard wedge bootie is a new take on an old look. The wedge shoe was popular in the 1980s, but such a tasteful and artful rejuvenation of the wedge has never been imagined.

Stunning Leopard Wedge Booties

If you’re going to choose just one shoe that will go with your wardrobe, the leopard booties are what you’ll want to take a serious look at. They push the normal bounds of fashion and keep you looking young and spunky, but they also allow you versatility within your own wardrobe. These booties can go with almost any outfit, you’ll be so glad throughout your day. And you’ll be sure that you will be getting envy looks from other girls across the restaurant because of those stylish shoes.

Glamorous Leopard Print Wedge Booties