Runners and other athletes have faced quite a few problems during running such as soreness and inflammation. The legs even swell sometimes due to the pressure put on them while running. Socks have been worn by sports players for a very long time now but they don’t quite provide the right amount protection required.

Technology developed and leg sleeves based on the compression innovation were developed to help runners perform better as well as to help them increase their endurance. Both these factors are highly important for players and athletes who use their legs most in order to do well in their respective sports.

true compression leg sleeve

Compression leg sleeves provide medical help to players by limiting the excruciation of muscles and ligaments as they run or play. These leg compression sleeves are also very useful for those who have damaged their limbs and still need to participate. In order for the condition to not aggravate, these leg sleeves come very handy and are recommended by doctors. Following are the purposes of leg sleeves which make them so functional:

  • Protection: They protect your legs by preventing scratches, cuts and burns that may be caused due to friction.
  • Swelling: Leg sleeves work wonders in preventing swelling and also reducing existing swelling. Swelling is a common problem among athletes and being able to prevent it is always a boon.
  • Warmth: They provide warmth and keep you comfortable as you run and perform.

Leg sleeves are also commonly called as the calf sleeve because they are worn over the calves. Their use is no more restricted only to runners. There are also leg sleeves for basketball and soccer because both these sports involve extensive use of legs.

basketball gear and leg sleeve

While making your purchase, there are certain things to keep in mind such as buying the right size and making sure they are neither too tight nor too loose. Too tight will cause you unnecessary discomfort and may also worsen your swelling. Too loose will not be of any help and will simply slide down. Buying the accurate size is thus a must. Also, if you have a medical condition such as swelling or soreness, you can get a prescription from the doctor for leg sleeves and the costs will be covered for you. Don’t wash them too often because they might get loose and lose their functionality.

Leg sleeves are truly very practical and helpful especially for those who are into professional sports. Even if you run just to exercise, these will help you run longer and comfortably without having to worry about inflammation and soreness after exercising.