Cake pans are pans that are used to make cakes. The type of cakes that you want to make is what will determine which type of pan you are going to use. These pans are different in various ways. There are mini cake pans, which are further classified into round cake pans and fancy flower cake pans. There is also a Bundt cake pan.

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Mini cake pans are usually used for making mini cakes. These cakes can be used for your child’s birthday, parties and also weddings. If you want a round cake, then you can make use of a round pan. However, if it is a cake for kids, you will need to use cake pans for kids to make your work easier and efficient.

The Bundt Pan

A Bundt pan is beneficial to use in shaping cakes into a ridged ring. But, why use a Bundt pan? This type of cake pan is usually utilized when making a designed cake. Using a normal cake pan will not give you any special design because it has not been made for that purpose that is why it is necessary to have a special pan to give you your desired shape.

Guidelines on How to use a Bundt Pan

  • Ensure your cake pans are coated with butter before use. This is necessary so that you can ensure that your cake will not stick.
  • Since this is a designed cake, immediately after the cake is cooked, transfer the cake to a tray. Any stuck dough will spoil the whole design.
  • Ensure that your fill is enough. As much as cake rises while cooking, it is necessary to ensure that you have put right amount of fill such that your cake does not come out too small or extra big. Do not fill to the brim, though, it might end up splattering and cause a mess. If this happens, you might need to redo it all over again.

Different Types Of Cake Pans

If you use these cake pans according to instructions given above, then you can be assured of getting good outcome.  Designed cakes are basically used during gatherings, parties, weddings and also birthday parties. If you want to enhance your boring round or square shaped cake to designed cakes, cake pans will be your pan of choice.

Now that you know how designed cakes come about, take a challenge and get your own Bundt pan today to experiment and bake cakes with designs.