Bustiers have been worn by women for a long time. They are usually used as lingerie as well as tops. They are normally worn to slim the waist and support the breasts at the same time. Most of them are strapless but there are those that have short straps. When you decide to wear a bustier, it is important that you know how to style a bustier. You need to learn how to pull off the sexy look without making it look like you are forcing it.

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How to Choose a Bustier Bra

Bustiers, once worn properly, make you look stylish. Here are some helpful tips in choosing the right bustier.

  • It is very important that you get the right cup size for your bustier. As long as the bustier bra cup fits you perfectly, the rest of it can be adjusted to fit you. However, if the cup does not fit you well, the whole bustier will never fit perfectly. Getting the right cup size is easy as fitting a normal bra.
  • Ensure that your bustier enhances the size of your boobs. They work in the same way as the push up bras. Only that the bustier works on your chest and waist line at the same time. If the bustier flattens or compresses the chest, then this is not the correct size for you.
  • Different women have different body types. For full size figured women, it is important to get a bustier with extra boning for extra support. Small size women can do fine with just mesh panels. The boning is the stiff material used to give the bustier its shape and structure. These boning is mainly made from plastic.
  • Bustiers are better worn to parties or concerts. It is not advisable to wear them when going to work or to church because they boost the boobs and it is inappropriate to have such look in these places.

How to Style a Bustier

Bustier has become increasingly common even on the runways. Hence, there are different ways on how to style a bustier and look fashionable.

  • One of the ways on how to style a bustier is by pairing it up with full length skirt and heels. This brings out a modernized look of the 1950s bustier style. This is also a great way to enhance the appearance of your curves through contrasting the waist hugging bustier top with a long skirt plus high heels.
  • You can also wear your bustier with skinny jeans. However, it is important to ensure that the jeans are not too tight. You could also put on heels to enhance the look.
  • When choosing accessories to match with your bustier, it is important to get those that don’t take the attention off the bustier. Stylish but simple necklace or dangling earrings will do well.

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Whether you want to use it as a bustier bra or bustier top, it is important that you learn how to style a bustier. This article can be of great help if you implement the above suggestions. Bustiers are no doubt the latest thing; hence, you should look great in them.