Hygiene is a basic component in our day to day life. To ensure a healthy environment one should observe sanity. Laundry detergent with bleach helps us achieve this goal. Our clothing should always be free of dirt and contamination. In our modern world there are many variants of detergents that are in the market. In this industry there is a wide range of choice for which one can fall to.

Tide Laundry Detergent With Bleach


Depending on the rigor of marketing, customers develop loyalty and preference to certain brands. These choices are made based on the detergents use, ability to remove dirt and stains and give a refreshing smell without irritating the skin when worn. Detergents can also be used in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Brands that are safe are those that have minimal of 1-4 dioxane contamination. Usually there are conventional and natural brands. Conventional brands are those labeled as synthetic while natural brands are made from organic matter. Laundry bleaches come in powder or liquid forms. Some of the major brands of basic laundry detergent with bleach are:

Liquid Based

  • NDT Plus
  • NDT Oxy Bleach Plus
  • NDT Per Action

Powder Based

  • Dyna -Clor
  • SP Matic
  • Saf-Fab

xtra laundry detergent with bleach

Bleaches and Detergents

Laundry detergent with bleach does have their pros and cons. On one end, bleaches work on the tough stains that basic detergents cannot handle. For instance the Dyna-Clor has components of inorganic salts and sodium tripolyphosphate that gives leverage to the smooth cycle of bleaching. Clothes are whitened and made brighter. Contrary to this they act poorly on colored clothes. When utilized in this capacity they tend to make the clothes fade. For instance a brown shirt may assume an amber color. Furthermore the components are too strong and irritating to the skin.

Health Hazards

Laundry detergent with bleach can be dangerous especially to kids under the age of six. Bleaches do produce some fumes that can result to respiratory problems, when ingested they irritate the stomach lining and in extreme cases can cause heart complications. Bleaches can actually do the opposite of what they are intended to by making a stain to be more stubborn. It is always hey seem to forget that this is a high concentration chemical. Consumers should be able to read through the labels of xtra laundry detergent so as to know what they are dealing with and if it fits the context i.e. machine wash or hand wash. For instance bleaches that contain sodium percarbonate are safer on hands. Another disadvantage is that they tend to be packaged in lesser quantities hence slightly more expensive than the basic detergent.

To conclude, laundry detergent with bleaches do tend to have elements where some of which are non biodegradable hence can be an environmental hazard .Nevertheless we cannot discard them since they replace the basic detergents when the going gets tough. They are affordable to and user friendly recommended to all people. After all we need to be clean.