Having the right type of gear for any sport is important and making sure you have the proper the apparel for Lacrosse is no exception. However, if you are most like sports fanatics, you not only want to be wearing the right gear, but also the most popular lacrosse apparel for the occasion. This means knowing the difference between those brands that are hot and those that are not. So, let’s take a look at some of the lacrosse apparel that is being sold today.

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Common Lacrosse Apparel

Common lacrosse apparel is pretty simple, consisting only of shirts, shorts, socks, and shoes. Of course you may also want a sweatshirt for warming up and just looking just cool when in uniform, but that is all the actual apparel you need when playing lacrosse. That, plus the actually lacrosse sticks and other items that make the game safer will complete the whole lacrosse ensemble.

However, there can be a wide variety of looks in these simple apparel items, and for those just wearing the apparel for fun and not for playing the game the choices of shirts, shorts and socks are almost endless.

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College Lacrosse Apparel

For those avid fans of college lacrosse, there is a whole world of college lacrosse apparel for men, women, and even kids. They bear the college lacrosse team name and emblem. Some are even replicas of past and present college lacrosse stars. College lacrosse apparel makes great gifts for those who follow a specific team or who have dreams of playing college lacrosse themselves and are a great souvenir as well.

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Popular Lacrosse Apparel Brands

While Adrenaline lacrosse apparel is an extremely popular brand of this type of clothing, there are several other types of brands in the sporting apparel that are also in high demand. Some of the more popular brands in girls lacrosse apparel as well as lacrosse clothing for men include the following brands:

  • ComLax
  • Adidas
  • Cascade
  • Nike
  • Fit to Fit
  • Under Armor
  • Conny Girls (Girls lacrosse apparel for girls of all ages)

Some of these brands of Lacrosse clothing offer limited apparel items such only socks or socks and shoes, while other brands offer every article of clothing that would be needed to take part in the sports. This allows people to either dress from head or toe in their favorite brand or mix and match brands for their own unique look and comfort.

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Not Just For Lacrosse

While Lacrosse clothing was originally designed for comfort while playing the sport itself, like many other types of sports apparel, it is no longer limited to the use of those players who compete, but has become part of a fashionable summer wardrobe. They are now worn by people who have never played lacrosse or any other sport for that matter. The comfort of these apparel makes it worth checking into for anyone who enjoys summer and wants to stay cool and calm while looking sporting and trendy. Whether you are male or female, Lacrosse apparel offers you a variety of brand names that you will love.