There are countless traditional and alternative lacing methods widely used in shoes. They offer a distinct feature or benefit. Although there are various alternatives such as straps, zips and Velcro in place of shoelaces, lace up shoes or boots still perform better for walking, running, hiking and many other purposes including fashion.

Lacing is cheap, simple, and very effective. You only need to pull the laces tight and tying up a knot. However, the type of shoelace and the technique of making a knot affect the comfort and reliability. These days, a few unique locking systems are available to keep the laces tied up for various activities. There are so many types and designs of lace up shoes.

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Lace Up Dress Shoes

  • Oxfords dress shoes are the most popular formal leather lace up shoes for men and women. The black Oxfords are the most popular closed laced shoes. They have round toes, a cap with a closed lacing.
  • Wingtip shoes have a W formed at their tip. These shoes also come with a brogued cap.
  • The derby shoes are open laced shoes similar to the Oxfords. These shoes match with a blazer.
  • The blucher is another slightly sleeker formal open-laced shoe. It has a brogued or plain cap.
  • White bucks are like Oxfords, but they are constructed with white buckskin. These shoes are flashy and are normally used during summer.
  • Stretch walker lace up shoes has speed lacing to provide additional support around your ankle and arch. Some designs of various dress shoes are unisex.

Safety Shoes and Work Boots

Most safety shoes for men mainly cover the foot and the ankle and have laces. Safety shoes are made of leather or rubber and a variety of materials. They are used for protecting the foot and leg from snow, water, or mud and strenuous activities. Some shoes contain a steel cap and are called steel toe boots. When it comes to this kind of shoes Timberland boat shoes are there for decades. The Timberland makes men’s classic boat shoes with two eyes. These provide the comfortable nautical feel with the exclusive siped rubber outsoles. The shoes offer you the best traction on a slippery surface. The uppers are made of premium soft leather and are hand sewn.

Combat boots are basically military boots that provide ankle stability, grip and protection to foot. These shoes are made to suite a harsh environment. They include desert boots, jungle boots and boots for cold weather.

Cold weather boots retain the warmth with their wool and felt insulation. A snow boot is waterproof and has a high side. It keeps the foot warm and saves from snow entering the boot.

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Athletic Shoes

These are specially designed lace up shoes for sports and various physical activities such as walking, running, jogging and hiking. These shoes protect the different parts of the foot from the stress. Lace up shoes for sports are mostly preferred by athletes because they are able to control the tightness of the fit of their shoes so assure comfort and stability during game time.

Regardless of the design and style of the shoes, laces would still be a preferred choice for people who are looking for stability and comfort when wearing shoes. Not all factory made shoes fits a specific size of foot, only through laces that they can make the proper adjustment to perform to its full potential.