Plasma torch tips come in a few different shapes and sizes. A plasma cutter works by creating a narrow plasma arc using water, which helps the person using it to cut the metal more efficiently. Using a plasma cutter that uses this method, coupled with the right kind of torch tips mentioned below, will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend cutting and will ensure a straight cut.

Different Kinds of Torch Tips

Types Of Torch Tips

There are different types of torch tips that you can use with a plasma torch to perform different types of cuts. These plasma torch tips work well when you need to cut lots of different thicknesses and types of metal. There are a few different types of cuts that plasma torch tips can do, and here are some of them.

  • Shape Cutting
  • Beveling
  • Piercing
  • Gouging

Shape cutting can be a fun way to create different shapes and weld your metal into anything you want it to be.  Piercing is obviously so that you can pierce a small hole into the metal in order to thread string or insert nails. Welding torch tips have a handle for easy cutting. When you are welding two pieces of metal together, you will use a welding tip for accuracy.

Acetylene torch tips work by moving the tip quickly throughout the metal, so as not to burn huge holes. The acetylene torch’s flame is blue in the middle with yellow or white flames around it. You can use this type of torch to weld as well, but make sure to use it with extreme caution. The different types of tips will help you cut different sizes of metal and make different sized holes for different projects. On the other hand, welding torch tips are specifically designed to help you weld things together.

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Safety Precautions When Handling Torch Tips

Using the torch tips to cut can be a dangerous process, so make sure you are well protected from any flying pieces of metal. Make sure that you wear all the proper gear to keep yourself safe when you use the plasma cutter. You will want to protect your eyes with goggles and your ears with heavy duty head phones. You should also use flame retardant gloves to protect your hands. Make sure that you do not operate where small children could run around or near things that can catch fire easily. No matter what you are using your plasma cutter for, you need to make that you stay safe.

There are different reasons you may need to use a plasma cutter. You may need to cut a piece for a special product or you may need to size down a piece of metal to fix something that was broken in your house. Whatever your reasons are, you can find torch tips at the hardware store for all the things you need to weld or cut.