Most of us are troubled by ants at home as they seem to destroy our valuable furniture and other similar products. So killing ants becomes the priority for most home owners if they wish to protect their home from these pests and keep their priced belonging for a longer period of time. Apparently, killing carpenter ants is no easy task as much as it sounds as there are several factors that you need to consider if you wish to eliminate them completely.

killing ants colony

The answer to the question how to kill carpenter ants has been asked by many people and there are several different answers available today. Depending upon the type of ants you are dealing with, you will have to choose an appropriate natural way to kill ants. The idea behind choosing a natural way is to eliminate them completely and avoiding the use of chemicals is obviously not a good idea as they will stay for a long time even after the ants have been eliminated. Before killing ants, first you need to see how badly they have affected your wooden products and you will get an estimate of how big their population could possibly be at your place.

The next thing to do for killing ants is to bait the ants with something like honey or sweet food items and attract them. Once they take the bait, you can eventually follow them back to their ant colony where the queen ant rests. This might sound easy but you cannot always be right about finding their colony. Ants also have something called satellite nests and if they take the bait and return to the satellite nests, then it will be of no use as you won’t be killing the queen ant. Of course, you will be killing ants but that is no big deal compared to the damage the rest of the ants in the colony could cause.

natural way to kill carpenter ants

Anyhow, destroying the ant nest or colonies also requires some careful precautions because you don’t want to let any ant get out alive. Most people prefer to use sprays on these colonies although the point to remember is that these sprays are effective only for a while. So the ants should come in contact with them as soon as they are sprayed. Else, the spray is practically useless in killing the ants completely. Whatsoever be the case, make sure that you destroy the ant colony completely and get rid of all ants.