Khaki skirts’ main feature of being versatile makes these clothing items essential for inclusion in any woman’s wardrobe. Khakis can be worn casually, at work, at business or formal engagements, and most of the time, they are prescribed as uniforms for both the academe and military services.

The term khaki may refer to two things. It can either be a type of color or a type of fabric. Conventionally, it usually refers to the fabric with that uniform khaki color. The fabric can either be made out of cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester, the latter is mixed with cotton to add firmness when tailoring khaki skirts for women.

alice olivia box pleat mini khaki skirt

Popular Khaki Skirts of Today

Khaki is used in creating several clothing items including skirts, pants, coats, and some dresses. In the line of skirts, the following are the most popular types marketed these days.

  • The Juniors Skirt:

The khaki skirts for juniors are the widely used type. They are primarily used as school and office uniforms, pairing them with long-sleeve dresses or coats will transform them into a formal or semi-formal wear, and add up a touch of light or colorful shirts then you’ll have an on-the-go skirt. The juniors skirt has a length extending just above the knee. It usually follows the natural curve of the hips and the thighs, features either buttons or a zipper lock, and some khaki skirts of this type have provisions for the wearing of belts. Juniors can also have a mini-skirt version for a much sexier outfit or look.

versatile junior khaki skirt

  • The Bellina Skirts:

Bellina skirts made out of khaki fabric projects the more feminine, sexy, and fun side or appearance of a woman. This type of skirt is simply a khaki mini-skirt featuring folds and pleats allowing the free movement or spreading of the fabric when the skirt is worn. The fabric used is generally softer or thinner like the pure cotton material. The skirt may or may not feature extra layers of light tulle, the pleats are held in place by a waistband, and lengths may also vary.

  • The Long Khaki Skirts:

Although these long skirts have been known as conservative clothing items, they are still popular and commonly worn at work, for semi-formal or formal events and occasions, or even casually. The fashion designers and stylists of today has been very keen on reinventing and rediscovering possible ways to put these khaki skirts into use.

decent khaki pleated chiffon maxi skirt

  • The Cargo Skirts:

When the military multi-pocketed pants were adopted to create multi-pocket or cargo pants and skirts, the same concept was also applied to khaki and said efforts eventually paid off. Several styles and deigns of cargo khaki skirts are produced and widely sold primarily to the younger generation of women. Similar to any other cargo pants, these skirts also feature no less than six pockets, a number of buttons and zippers, and generally have lengths extending down the knee or even beyond.

british khaki stretch cooton cargo skirt

Weather Considerations When Wearing Khaki

Similar to the considerations noted when wearing other types of dresses and skirts, the wearing of suitable skirts made out of khaki should also be guided by the season, climate, or weather. Certain types of khaki especially those made from a combination of cotton and polyester are thicker and heavier in texture therefore, are not ideal for use during the hot summer days. The same principle works in reverse during winter and colder seasons. On the other hand, needed ventilation and added movement flexibility may be achieved by opting for skirts featuring slips or cuts on the sides.