Khaki pants are generally brown. Literally, khaki means ‘soil’ or ‘dust’. They are famous for their functionality and versatility. An example of this is the many-pocket feature of the cargo khaki pants which makes everything so handy. These pants can be styled and worn with just any top. Both men and women find it fashionable to wear. It can be used for dress up (for formal or corporate attires) or dress down (for casual attires) with the use of appropriate accessories and proper foot wear. It can be a wonderful work of art comparable to a blank canvas.

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Types of Khaki Pants

There are many types of khaki pants. The types listed below differ in color shade.

  • The dark khaki pants are olive and muddy brown in color. They are best worn during high profile events or semi-formal parties.
  • The regular khaki pants are colored tan and light brown. They are good dress down. They can be a beach wear matched with carefree top and flip flops. This color can be paired with bright tones such as pinks, purples, green and yellow.
  • The light khaki pants are cream, beige and dirty white colors. They are often paired with soft colors like white and soft yellows.
  • The dyed khaki pants are pants dyed with other colors rather than brown. They come in colors like pink, light shade of blue and grey.

The types of khaki pants according to style are:

  • Plain Front – These pants has a zip front, button closure and it has no pleats. These are mostly worn by travelers.  They are a mainstay in a men’s office clothing. Various shirt styles can be paired up with its sleek appearance.
  • Pleated Front – The distinguishing feature of these pants is the pleats. These pants are mostly worn by men with thick waistline and large thighs making them look thinner. A jacket will look good when paired with this.
  • Classic Cut – These are pants with straight leg pattern.
  • Cargo Style – These pants have a lot of side pockets. Coins, towels and even water bottle can be carried in the side pockets of these pants.

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Fashion and Wearing Tips

Originally, khaki pants are used in safari wandering. If you like the safari get up, pair it with an ash brown colored top, safari hat and pilot shades to punctuate the whole get up.

  • If you want it baggy, wear it with sturdy boots, hanging top for women or simple shirt for men.
  • Khaki skinny pants can be worn with high heels and a lot of blings. This get up will exude a sophisticated look.
  • Flannel lined pants can also be a khaki pants. This style makes those who are in chilly cold places happy. From the original safari get-up, khaki has made its way to winter wonderland.
  • Khaki linen pants are lighter in appearance. They make an easy breezy impression. These are perfect for a walk on windy afternoons.
  • Khaki pants that are simple cut without pockets on the sides are perfect casual work get up. Both men and women are benefited by its laidback beauty.
  • For business casual events, dark khaki pants are paired with khaki blazers. For dressier look, a light colored polo and a tie can also be a good match.

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