Knowing how to unclog sinks takes a lot of learning other than the basics. Clogs may happen more than you anticipate and getting into the problem requires you to know what is within the drains. This knowledge can certainly help you unclog your sink when nothing seems to work.

Helpful Facts on How to Unclog Sinks

In dealing with clogs and blockages, you must understand why your kitchen sink clogged and the basic anatomy of the drainage pipe to deal with the problem. Common solutions on how to unclog sinks like controlling the water pressure or flushing with chemical substances might not be enough. Here are some handy facts to know why your sink clogs and how to prevent certain obstructions from clogging your kitchen sink

how to unclog How to unclog sink without a sweat

1. Grease is mostly the culprit for clogged sink in the kitchen. Admittedly, it is hard to keep it away from the sink as certain foods can carry a lot of it. The best way to keep grease from clogging your kitchen sink is to rinse your plates before washing them with cleaning soap. Be sure not to drain rice or flour as these foods, when mixed with grease, can form a very strong alliance, so to speak, a cement-like one. You need to pour hot water into the sink after washing dishes with grease.

2. Understanding drain traps might help you in unclogging your sink. Traps form a water seal that keeps dangerous sewer gases away from your kitchen home. It can also trap dropped objects from the sink. This action, however, make traps a typical place for clog formation. Knowing how to unclog sink through traps can help especially if the problem is persistent. First thing to do is to get a bucket and loosen the nuts at the traps to remove them. You might need to have a set of pliers. Be very sure not to crack the pipes. Once you get the traps removed, you need to clean it thoroughly with hot water to get rid of grease. Be sure you clean the trap arm, too. This is the pipe through the walls connected to the traps. When putting the traps back in, be sure there are no loose threads or debris. This would mean that you are going to deal with a leak.

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3. For stubborn clogs, it truly helps to use the right tools. There are various tools that can be used to unclog a sink, toilet draining, and toilet bowl. If you want to unclog your kitchen sink, you have to use the sink auger for it. This tool is shaped or configured to do the unclogging for sinks. Turning the auger crank handle will extend a flexible cable. Keep on turning until you have thoroughly dealt with the clogs. Do this a couple of times and then flush the drain with hot water. If you did not feel any obstruction after reaching beyond the trap, this might mean that the blockage is deeper beyond the drains. If this happens, opening the traps will help you troubleshoot deeper clog problems.

Learning how to unclog sinks both for stubborn clogs and greasy clogs will help you save money on constantly calling for plumbers. Just make sure you have the right tools and you wear gloves when doing the repairs. Remember to heat some water for draining, no matter what method you use to unclog a kitchen sink. These methods on how to unclog sinks will certainly help when other natural means and chemical substances do not work.