Although Katy Perry outfits are rather stylish, she is always featured in many of them on Fashion Police. The singer says that regularly being featured on the list for “worst dressed” does not bother her. She is quite fine with being place on the list for “Worst Dressed” while she’s experimenting. She also states that even though she has often been placed on that list, she is proud of the outfits she was featured in.

katy perry modern teenage outfit

The Fuss About Katy Perry Outfits

The unconventional style of fashion of Katy Perry outfits is described by her as being somewhat of a fabrication of various things. She also states that she has a unique look which she describes as a combination of Hollywood Glam and Lolita. Her icons are burlesque performer and actress Cyndi Lauper and Dita Von Teese. She is iconize Dita Von Teese as she believes that she was able to do it all on her own. Her job is to look great when buying groceries in a store. Even Katy Perry casual outfits designs are stunning and head-turning.

Johnny Wujek, Katy’s stylist, who has worked alongside her for her magazine and album covers, music videos, and red carpets, has described her sense of style as being vintage and colorful. Making a statement is not one of her fears be it Katy Perry best outfits or one of the worst. If Wujek has an idea that he believes to be overboard, Perry would think it to be an amazing one. In an interview, Wujek stated that he thought it was cool of Katy to be so carefree and see fashion as a form of art.

Katy thinks that a dosage of sexiness allows a person to appear stylish. Happy, fun, and colorful dresses are what she likes wearing. A few fashonistas believe that an aspect of Katy Perry outfits which is very enchanting is the fact that they look innocent and ravishingly sexy all at once. Although a lot of other pop stars have failed miserably at trying to get this look, with Katy, you feel that it’s not just an act.

Katy Perry’s Fruit Obsession

One peculiar thing about Katy Perry outfits is the noticeable obsession that Katy has for accessories made of fruit. She said this fixation started with the cherry and strawberry patterned baskets on female dresses, just like the Katy Perry outfits in California Gurls music video, then cherry charm bracelets which were popular in the 1940s. She loves everything with fruit. Oftentimes her diverse outfits are complimented with accessories which are shaped like fruits like watermelon earrings, sequined bananas, and strawberry barrettes. For her Grammy performance, Katy selected a stunning, fruit-covered mini dress completed with bra cups shaped like watermelons. Many stylists have commented that fruit accessories are the staple for Katy’s style of dressing.

sugar and spice cupcake adut outfit by katy perry

Her Shoes Affinity

Many fashionistas have claimed that after closely observing Katy Perry outfits and her sense of fashion that she perhaps loves shoes, accessories and clothes more than she does in recording top-notching singles. When observing her photos, you easily realize that when it comes to high heeled shoes, Katy is really head-over-heels. Lovers of accessories oftentimes appreciate her choice of shoes. The style, heels, and color of the shoes she wears naturally matches with the costumes she wears as well as whatever other accessories she may be wearing. When looking at Katy’s selection of footwear, you will notice just how sexy shoes may look.