Karate belt fashion is not only important to keep the practitioners’ uniform in place, but also for someone to display their rank. Karate was originated in Okinawa, Japan as a martial arts form, which involves elbow strikes, punching, knee and open hand techniques such as kicking. As a result, the belt is an important part of the uniform as it holds it in place during all of those strenuous body movements.

karate belt level fashion

Why Colors Are Used In Karate Belt Fashion

The karate belts were dyed following the Second World War when the white belts evolved into different shades to represent the ranks. The standard coloring system for the belt is white, black and yellow. It was discovered that dying the karate belts in new colors was an inexpensive way to make the ranking system more effective and visible. Although the colors became an intrinsic part of the traditions of karate, they were also seen as stylish ways to wear belts in other countries.

Different Karate Belt Levels

The belt is the first accessory that someone’s eyes will be drawn to. But, the belt is not just worn for style, but also to show the progress that students make while studying their martial arts. Starting from low to the highest level, the organizations will award the color belt for each level. As a student progresses during training, he can earn:

  • White belt
  • Orange or Yellow belt
  • Blue belt
  • Green belt
  • Brown belt
  • Purple belt
  • Black belt

casual karate kids outfit

Fashionable Way To Wear Karate Belt

  • A karate belt can be worn as a head band, as a stylish way to show off what you have achieved in this sport. These are available in one standard size, so you can wear it for regular training or competitions.
  • You can wear your belt as a waist band with high-waist pants, around a shift dress or over a pencil skirt. Another karate belt fashion idea is to use it to separate sweaters, tops, skirts, jeans, or trousers to get a look that is more refined.
  • When you are wearing day dresses, the belt can be worn to give more definition especially if it’s woven to look thicker. You can also add some decorative accessories like crystals, sequins, gemstones, rhinestones and metallic finishes to enhance a casual karate outfit.

Generally speaking, a karate belt is awarded in a ceremonial way to show someone’s progress during training. Those who have earned technical skills are given the belts in the lower rank, while the persons who are fully committed to martial arts will get the belt in the next higher rank. But, whether you have the yellow, orange, blue or red belt, you can use it as well to highlight your curves or to add a sharper look to your tailored jackets. The choices are endless when it comes to karate belt fashion.