Healthy fitness regime is what people today think about when planning to shed some calories off their body. Several different weight loss programs are introduced daily to enhance your power of losing weight. But among them jump rope workout is the oldest and most workable exercise. Some studies reveal that jump rope was originated in China. On the fundaments of jump rope, Chinese jump rope was introduced in China which is usually played by 3 players. It helps you to get that slim and trim body shape along with other health benefits. Instead of going in for those expensive workout regimes, it is great to form an effective jump rope workout routine because it is considered to be the best fat burning exercise as it gives high intensity internal workout. What is high intensity internal workout? High intensity internal workout is attained by doing intense cardio exercise followed by low intensity cardio exercise. This kind of exercise helps in increasing HGH hormone – natural hormone set free by body responsible to burn fat.

best jump rope workout

Jump Rope Workout For Beginners

When you to start to think about jump rope workout, you tend to remember as to when do you last try jumping with a rope. Usually people end up saying somewhere in school days. When starting to jump rope, one needs to be slow and denote some quality time to get accustomed with new fitness regime. Make sure to purchase good quality jump rope that is adjustable to match your height. Again don’t go in for weighty ropes. Best jump rope for beginners could be speed rope made out of plastic.

easy jump rope workout routine

Now, it is time to correctly know how to start with jump rope workout. At times it has been noticed that people tend to double jump between two rotations. The arms should be set away from body and they should barely move. The movement of the rope should totally rely on wrist and choose jump surface that is not too hard because the ultimate impact of hardness is felt on legs and knees. Wooden surface is the best option followed by pavement covered with jumping mat to perform those jump rope workouts. To start with, perform 4-8 sets of 30 seconds of jumping rope followed by 30 seconds of rest time.

easy jump rope workout for beginners

Benefits of Jump Rope Workout

Jumping rope is considered good for health of heart. The jump rope cardio workout regime can help to improve heart rate thereby enhancing your potentials to keep away from heart disease like strokes and heart arrest. Jumping ropes tend to work on almost all muscles in your body at the same time. The main muscles that actually needs toning are the abs, calves, arms, thighs and shoulder. Jump rope workout not only reduces the overall body fat but also help to tone belly fat quickly.

easy jump rope cardio workout for stamina

Jumping rope is great and essential exercise for athletes and sportsmen. The primary muscle in action while jumping ropes are the calves and so it increases the knack to increase perpendicular dive. Jump rope workout has proved favorable for sports person involved in games like basketball, volleyball, football and baseball. Jumping ropes can actually help to regain back your confidence that at times get shattered because of increased body weight and undesirable stature.