If you are looking for jello shot cups, most probably you are in for a lively party. Fortunately, you have come up with the right decision since jello shots are not only tasty and colorful but add a positive mood in the party as well. These shots are basically easy to make; however, finding the right jello shot cups can become a daunting task for any party organizer.


Currently, you can choose from among the wide variety of choices on the cups for your jello shots. These include plastic jello shot cups or disposable jello shot cups, which eliminates the hassles of washing since they are good enough for a single use. Reusable cups are also available, which make an ideal choice for individuals who organize parties often.

easy to prepare a jello shot cups

Buying Tips

Before rushing into party supplies stores, here are the important things that a buyer should keep in mind.

  • First and foremost, you need to determine which size of cup you want to use in holding your jello shots. This is extremely important, as you don’t want your guests to feel disappointed when the jello shots dripped or spilled into their clothing.
  • For more convenience, you can opt to buy jello shot cups with lids. These do not only preserve your jello shots but allow you to chill the drinks conveniently before your guests arrive.
  • You will know that they are the right jello shot cups when you squeeze their contents and they move slowly to the top. Additionally, the texture of the cups should not be delicate or squeaky.
  • Once you open the lids of the jello shot cups, the lid should be opened with ease and not causing mess.
  • Most importantly, the jello shot cups should be easy to clean if you decided to buy the reusable version.
  • If you want to go creative, consider using jello shot syringes. They do not only capture your guests’ attention, but also add a fun twist as you serve your jello shots.

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Where to Buy Jello Shot Cups

Currently, jello shot cups can be found on most party supply stores and online shopping websites. The internet will give you a wider range of choices and allows you to order conveniently and have the cups delivered right in your doorstep.

Buying jello shot cups doesn’t have to be tricky. All you need are the proper buying tips above to ensure that you are making an informed purchase. Get your own jello cups today so that your next parties will be livelier than they used to be.