Being petite comes as a curse when you have to shop for jeans. It feels like manufacturers never make jeans for short women. If you are slim and petite, you will find it hard to shop for a pair of jeans that are of the right length as well as the right fit. If you are petite and curvy, you will have to buy a bigger fit and then get it altered to fit you. Here are a few tips for you that will help you out when you look for the right pair of jeans for petite women.

Skinny Jeans for Petite Women

Tips To Shopping Jeans For Petite Women

  • Petite and Slim: This is actually a great combination when it comes to jeans. You can wear a wide variety of brands and pull them off very comfortably. However, skinny jeans will look best on you. Fashion magazines might showcase only taller women wearing skinny and slim fit jeans but you can carry them off very well too. Straight leg jeans are also great. They will accentuate your features. You can pair them with high heel sandals or stilettos to look sexy. But fact remains that you will have to look around a fair bit to find the right fit. It is difficult and it will take a lot of time and searching to actually find your size. You will have to shell out a few extra bucks to alter the pair of jeans mostly. But if you can afford it, you could go for customized jeans. Designers today indeed make jeans for petite women in an order basis method. They are made so as to fit you well and also give you a leaner and taller appearance. If you want to go for altering, make sure you choose a professional tailor to do the job for you.
  • Petite and Curvy: Finding jeans for petite women who are curvy is very arduous. But again, you will get there eventually. You could buy jeans that are a combination of cotton and polyurethane or lycra. Dark denims or perfect black jeans are also perfect for you because they will make you look taller and slim. Pair your jeans with high heels and add some sexiness. The effect will be striking.

straight jeans for short women

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