Herpes is a disease that affects a lot of people across the world and virus called Herpes simplex is main reason behind this. There are two types of this virus and they are known as HSV 1 and HSV 2. While HSV 1 is responsible for infections above the waist, HSV 2 is known to cause infections. The problem with Herpes is that according to many, it is a disease that affects a person for his entire life. If you are one of the infected and wondering “is herpes curable?”, it is indeed a difficult and complicated matter to answer. Conventionally, it is still widely believed that there is no cure for this disease and hence questions such as “is genital herpes curable” or “is herpes curable” would come with readymade answers which would categorically state that it is not curable.

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In fact if one looks at the history of herpes and tries to go through the case history of quite a few patients, it would be surprising to find that while a group of people have constant attacks of herpes, there are another group of people who are affected very rarely and some of them have had no attacks of herpes at all. Only these second group of people can find out that they have herpes is by undergoing some STD test which confirms their being affected with this disease. So before we try and answer the question “are herpes curable”, it is very important to find out first whether there are any permanent cures for herpes. Secondly it would also make sense to find out why one group of people get affected with this disease very often while another group escape attacks even in their whole life term. Unless this question is answered properly it would be difficult to get the real answer for the term “is herpes curable”.

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The reason why some people get constant attacks of herpes is because of the fact that some people have very poor immunity which prevents them from fighting the virus whenever it becomes active. While the second group of people have better immunity which thwarts the virus the moment it starts becoming active and hence they hardly suffer any attack of herpes. Hence for the second group of people the question “is herpes curable” would elicit a completely different answer when compared to the first group who would continue to say that this disease is not curable at all.

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Hence the key to answering the question “is herpes curable” depends on the immunity levels of each and every individual. Hence the best way to answer the above question in a positive way is to develop the immunity level of a person who has been affected with this herpes virus. While it is a fact that once the herpes virus strikes a person it continues to remain in his body for the entire life. What can be avoided is recurring attacks of herpes infections, by an intelligent metabolic balance which ensure enhanced immunity against the disease.

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