Every individual would like to give only the best quality to their homes. From the landscape, to the exterior features up to the interiors, every furniture and materials used should be of utmost quality to last for many years. That is why, when it comes to the roofing solutions for your homes, you can trust only the best—Interlock Industries, the manufacturer of the well know Interlock Roofing.

concrete interlock paver blocks

Interlock Industries is one of the largest installers of roof for residential homes in North America. Their roofs have been proven and tested to stand against different climates and weather conditions. They are also the manufacturer of the well-known Interlock® Metal Roofing, metal roofs that were built to last. The company’s main goal is to provide each customer the last roof that they will be using that will not need replacement or re-roofing. Also, considering the attention that homeowners give to their homes, they also aim to provide rooms that enhances every home’s aesthetic appeal. Attractive, efficient, and long-lasting, Interlock roofing is here to give you roofs that you will surely love!

Their roofs come in a wide array of options and are made to look like the traditional roofing styles. Aside from its ingenuity, their roofs are also environmentally-friendly. Made from materials that are recycled and recyclable, you decrease your carbon footprint and helps reduce the wastes in landfills. To ensure its durability and protection, it has Alunar® w/ TEFLON surface protector. It needs low maintenance and do not curl, crack, split, or rot. Not only that, their roofs are also resilient to fire, fungus, mold, mildew, and insects. With Interlock Roofing, you will surely get the best for your money’s worth.

original interlock roof shingles

To ensure their roof’s durability, their Interlock roofing system offers a lifetime, limited 50-year warranty that is transferable and non-prorated. To assure customer’s satisfaction, they also offer 24/7 customer service support. You also need not worry about roof installation or calling for an outside contractor, for they also offer full roofing installation services. As for Interlock roofing cost, you need not worry because they have a lot of options that will suit your budget. They also offer flexible payment options to make your shopping much easier. If you have any questions about Interlock Roofing services, you can give them a call at 1-888-766-3661. You can check the web for Interlock roofing reviews and feedbacks, and get to know whether it is the roofing system you would want.