Shop online for Cross pen refills and you’ll likely find them on Amazon and the Cross Company main website. You can purchase pens and ink as well as other Cross accessories from the main company website.

The high-quality standard that Cross has set for their products will leave you confident in selecting the best pen for your business or personal needs. With multiple ink color choices, a fine selection of pen types, and premium pen housing design, you will be hard pressed to find a more visually stunning pen than a Cross.

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History Of Cross Pens

Cross pens have a long history in the writing instrument design and manufacturing industry. The A.T. Cross Company’s founder, Richard Cross, established the company in Rhode Island.

Richard Cross made pens and pencils and taught his son to do the same. They worked together in the company for a time but they decided to sell it to Walter R. Boss in 1916 and the Boss family still owns it today. The Cross Company is now a publicly-traded company offering shares of its stock on the open market.

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Where To Get Cross Pen Refills

Refills for your pen aren’t hard to come by. The time to shop for them isn’t when you’ve absolutely run out of ink. Make sure you keep a few refill kits on hand particularly if you own multiple Cross pens. If you’re looking for Cross pen refills then you will find them through the following retail channels:

  • The Cross Company main website
  • Amazon website
  • At your local Wal Mart store (and their website)
  • Office Depot stores and website

Your personal shopping preference plays a pivotal role on how you purchase the refills. If you have time to wait for shipping, then you can purchase your Cross pen refills gel online and wait for it to arrive. If your writing needs are more urgent, then driving to your local retailer will serve you better.

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Types Available

There are several types of Cross pen refills available to the consumer. Below are some of the more common types available on the market today:

  • Cross Fountain Pen Refills

At just $8.00, you can refill your fountain ink pens from a 2 oz bottle. This is a high-quality fountain ink formulated specifically for the Cross fountain pen.

  • Cross Ballpoint Pen Refills

You will find these in dual-packs. The refills cost just under $7 and they are suitable for most of your writing needs. The Cross ballpoint pens write well on any standard type of paper.

  • Cross Pen Refills Gel

This option is for the Vice, Matrix, and Cross Selectip pens. These can be purchased in multi-packs with a selection of four (4) different colors. These gel pens combine the smooth flow of ink that fountains offer and the handling of a ballpoint. The Cross pen refills rollerball for Selectip fall under this gel category. You should expect to invest up to $27 for the multi-pack color refill sets and from $5-$7.50 for single color refill cartridges.

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These are just some of the more popular types available and a more comprehensive list would be on their website.