Welding is one of the activities that can help one attain financial stability through practise of the various skills taught in welding training courses. These courses are very affordable and can be accessed in the various training institutions available in all parts of the world. The price charged for these courses vary depending on the duration and the skills taught in during the sessions.

GMAW-MIG welding training course

Some Training Courses for Welding

1.)  GMAW-MIG Welding Training Courses

These are one of the basic courses that all interested persons in welding need to study so as to become professionals. It provides all essential information on the various welding techniques, setting up of equipments and skills of operating the welding equipment.

One of the benefits of enrolling in this course is that the scholars are able to put into practice the various skills taught in class in the many practical trainings to enhance their abilities and knowledge in welding. Other topics that are studied under this course include:

  • Interpretation of the various welding symbols
  • Reading of blueprints
  • Welding safety tips and hazards
  • Various welding techniques
  • How to select electrodes during the welding activity

Information offered is suitable to both experienced and new persons hence all people can enroll no matter their level of experience.

2.) Pipe Welding Course

Safety is one of the core objectives of this course. Students who choose these welding training courses are shown the various safety measures that have to be adhered to when carrying out SMAW STICK and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding practices, which include always wearing a welding helmet and other protective clothing during the welding processes.

Welding trainers also help scholars to understand the various techniques of selecting electrodes to be used in welding of pipes. The main electrodes used in demonstrations are the usually E7018 and E6010 that are more suitable for the welding process.

3.) Shield Metal Arc Welding Training Course

This is welding course basically aims at helping students to understand the techniques involved in arc welding as well as the safety measures that have to be adhered to at all times. Some of the arc safety measures involve wearing caps under the welding helmet when carrying out over-head welding. In most cases, this course requires five to six weeks, which involves dedicating at least 30 hours to each of the practical training and extra 10 hours for the lectures.

Other areas covered under this course include:

  • Interpretation of welding symbols and signs
  • Safety measures when handling equipment
  • Oxy-Acetylene and other hand cutting tools
  • Selection of electrodes
  • Problems that may occur during welding and the various ways to handle them

gas metal arc welding course

4.) Combination Welder Programs

This is an all around welding training course that covers all the fields involved in welding. In requires a total of 12 weeks and approximately 480 hours to cover all the major units. Some of the units that are taught under this cause include:

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding practices
  • Shield Metal Arc welding processes
  • Stick Pipe welding training course
  • Interpretation of welding symbols and reading of blueprints

Welding training courses are the ultimate source of information on welding process and the safety measures that have to be adhered to when welding.