It is a well known fact that fish oil has numerous benefits. However, there are many things to know about fish oil before deciding to buy it. What to look for when purchasing fish oil is a crucial question that you must clearly answer for yourself. For instance, you should be aware of the fact that the source of the fish oil is very important. The source should be fish that has lived in the deep and cold waters of oceans mainly because these areas are very clean and pollution-free. There are more reasons behind this and they are mentioned below:

healthful notes on purchasing fish oil

  • Scientific data and numerous studies have revealed that these fish contain the maximum concentrations of both DHA and EPA. These two essential oils are very important for the body.
  • Almost every water body has been contaminated because of chemicals and other pollutants. If fish oil is taken from fishes growing in these areas of the water bodies, serious waterborne diseases can be spread, resulting in deadly health issues.

Hence, the first aspect of the answer to what to look for when purchasing fish oil is the species of the fish. The best quality of fish oil comes from the fish that reside in the ocean areas near New Zealand’s south coast and Alaska. Salmon and Hoki are the two fishes that have been proven to be the best.

Unfortunately, simply choosing the right species of fish and the right source is not enough. Molecular distillation is very essential because there are natural contaminants that need to be purified. Separation by weight is done and the purified form is the best form of fish oil.

Useful Tips

Here are more pointers besides the aforementioned to tell you what to look for when purchasing fish oil:

  • The amount of DHA and EPA present are very important. DHA must be present in more amounts because it is more essential of the two oils. Along with the amount, the quality must be top notch. The concentration of DHA and EPA should not be less than 200 mg together. If it is, the product is useless and will not help you.
  • The freshness is also very important. Stale fish oil and fish oil supplements will do more harm than good. Thus, you must be sure that the fish oil is fresh.
  • The fish oil must be a hundred percent toxin-free and that can be achieved only when it is purified thoroughly.
  • It’d be ideal if the fish oil supplements you purchase also have additional nutrients like vitamins A, B and D. Vitamin E may be used in order to prevent spoilage of fish oil.

buying fish oil supplement best advice

There are numerous different brands such as Xtend-life and Spring Valley fish oil that you can choose from but you have to first be sure that the brand qualifies as reliable. The only way to find out is to do a quick research and check the purity and the source of the fish used. Using the above pointers you will know what to look for when purchasing fish oil.