Diamond drill bits are great and ideal for both large scale industrial applications and for home use. Diamond tipped drill bit are used while working on wood, metal or any other materialDiamond is one of the most-sought after constituent component in drills bit. This is due to its remarkable physical and molecular properties that place it as the hardest substance known to man. This hardness makes it invaluable when it comes to resisting wear and tear. This happens to be the most obvious concern when it comes to the maintenance of the drill bits when used repeatedly on various surfaces. Diamond tip drill bit solves this problem.

Materials Used In Making Diamond Drill Bits


It is widely held that the more a diamond drill bit costs the more resistant it ought to be. Judging from the sales figures collected from some of the leading hardware equipments retailers the twist drill with its deep, spiral grooves is by far the most popular tool sold. The twist drills are drill bits for metal that belongs to a larger group of tools referred to as High Speed Steel or simply abbreviated as HSS. They have remarkable abilities of being able to resist extreme temperatures and are generally more resistant to wear and tear as opposed to their predecessors; the high carbon steel.

So besides Diamonds, what other alloys are used in Diamond drill bits? This enhanced degree of resistance is attributed to fusing the bits with vanadium. Other alloys fused to make the diamond drill bit apt for all materials which include chromium, tungsten and molybdenum. For easy maintenance and cleaning, most of HSS are finished off with a coating of Titanium nitride which also serves to lengthen the life span of the tool. The material for the diamond drill bit influences the surface they will be able to function in. Apart from HSS other materials you will find in other tools are both high and low carbon steel and the cobalt steel alloys.

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Other Factors To Consider When Buying A Diamond Drill Bit

  • The shape of the drill bit also determines other factors like the type of hole it is going to drill. For instance the screwdriver with its hexagonal shaped head is ideal for boring small pilot holes before a larger tipped drill comes into action to make larger ones.
  • The shape of the bits also plays a pivotal role in how your material will behave after making a hole. Some materials like glass or softwood have a tendency to crack and split if you make a whole with the wrong tool. This is where a diamond core drill bit becomes handy. It is specially designed for drilling thru super hard materials and at the same time creating slightly bigger holes.

Always be reminded that when working with various drills on varied materials to consult with professionals lest you risk spoiling both the materials and the tools as well. This is the only place you can learn the subtle differences between a masonry bit meant for working with stones, concrete and bricks from the costlier diamond drill bit which is utilized for drilling metals.